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Getting Your Life Back After Child Birth‘Sonia Ogbonna Shares her Top Tips for Young Moms

by Yetunde Oshibowale


Life after childbirth might feel quite unusual for new moms. Ik Ogbonna’s wife, Sonia, shares her secret nuggets on how to recover after the birth of your first child, dealing with the baby blues, and adjusting to life as a new mum.

“Well guys, honestly, I’m so happy that I finally got my life back! 🙂 I have always been an outgoing “waka waka” kind of person and I could hardly stay in one place. I traveled this world upside down, learnt how to speak plenty different languages,came across and met so many different cultures,I love people,I love learning,I am business minded woman,working challenges me and makes me feel fulfilled, and yes, I love partying and having fun! I am just a vibrant young lady with a bit of wild,savage,stubborn nature in me.

Luckily,my husband and I are pretty much alike,and despite the fact he is coming from a strict,traditional Nigerian home,he knows the true me so he never really tried to change me or put a pressure on me (I think he just loves me the way I am) ,and I truly,really appreciate and love him for that. The truth is,we are all different and I am simply not a “housewife” type of person (which doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do things,in fact I make perfect afang soup (my husband’s favorite) and I find cooking fun and easy,it’s not a rocket science like some ladies act like duhh ) but sitting in the house all day everyday can only make me depressed,besides I don’t ever want to feel like anybody’s maid”.


“So now, step by step,I am getting my life back. It wasn’t that easy since I am breastfeeding my child (he just turned 4 months) so he needs me very often around him,but I learnt how to function with a baby in my life,and guess what? I finally feel like I can breathe. Getting back to your old self is such a beautiful feeling. And you know what amazes me? That you don’t really need to sacrifice as much as I thought (or been told smh),it’s just a question of a good organization. I feel like I just accomplished one huge mission of my life. Yeyyy!

So my beautiful ladies,don’t worry! Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty because you crave your life “back”. I know how much you love your child and the fact you wish to have some time for yourself doesn’t make you selfish or bad. Enjoyment is not a sin,don’t let anyone make you feel like you need to suffer/”kill yourself” to prove how good or dedicated mother you are. If you just gave birth and you are going through depression and tough time,trust me when I tell you-its going to get better in a minute ! Your life is not over-in fact: the most amazing things are yet to come!
Let me share some photos of mine,Gosh I can’t lie,I had some fun ,my new social life makes me emotional ohhh:))”.

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