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Good Girl, Bad Girl “The Story of a Runs Girl” Part 2

by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

Omote became dazed; she arose slowly from her boss’s laps and brings her head down as she turns.

“What is a woman doing on your legs Obim?” The lady asked in a loud voice. She was dressed in a Senegalese wear. She gently unwrapped her head tie and tied it loosely around her waist.

She wanted to slap Omote hardly on the face, but Omote held her hands firmly.

“You won’t dare!” Omote said boldly. Her boss’s wife pushed her to the floor and slapped her hard on the face.

“ashawo! leave my husband for me.”
Omote pushed her forcefully to the floor, and ran out of the office, stumbling on Blessing, the Receptionist, Helena and the office security. She ignored everyone and stepped out of the office premises.
She pulls out her high heel shoes and jumped into a bus.


Omote got back home, breathing heavily.

“What happened? You just left the house an hour ago.” Tega asked in a shaky tone.
But Omote did not say a word. Her body sank into the lumpy mattress, her eyes closed.

She woke to the sound of her phone, and chief Akporo was the caller. Sleep disappeared from her eyes, as she picked the call.

“Hello Chief.” she said weakly.

“Yes my dear. Kennedy called me to ask if I gave you any money.” Her heart trembled as she sat up on the bed.
“I told him no, but that I will see you this weekend.”

“Ah chief. You should have told him you won’t ever see me again.”

“Don’t worry. I will tell him not to bother you anymore. I will personally pay him off his percentage.”

“Okay. thank you.”

“You sound unhappy my baby love.”

“Chief I lost my job today. My boss fired me because I refused to sleep with him. I am thinking of doing a business.”

“Oh my God. My baby love, I am so sorry. Don’t worry, when we see over the weekend, we will talk about this.”

“Are you back from London?”

“Yes my dear. But I am in Abuja now for a meeting.” Chief said huskily. They call ended and Omote became hopeful.

“You lost your job?” Tega asked Surprisingly, Omote nodded.


“Nothing.” Omote said softly.

“You slept with your boss and he dumped you?” Tega said with a disgust in her heart.
Omote got up from the bed, changed into a pair of jean and a pink, flowery blouse, and walked out of the house.

She stood on the verandah, her guilt was growing by leaps and bounds. she fell into brooding silence as her phone rang.
It was Isioma who was calling, and at that moment, she wasn’t ready to pick her calls; but she reluctantly did.

“Isioma Hi.” She said in a soft tone.

“Omor, I will like you to meet someone.” she said shrilly.
“You are his kind of woman, and he is ready to pay anything.”

Omote’s face lightened as she cleared her throat.
She was surprise that Isioma would ask her to meet someone, when she had never discussed being a runs girl to her.


“We are at Eko hotel.”

“Okay. let me shower, I will see you in two hours.” She said, and hurried inside the house.


Finishing up on her translucent powder, the all white shimmering dress that she had on looked perfect in her figure eight body. The white complimented her smooth, sand complexion.
Omote was sure to turn up heads. She used the paddle brush for the last time on her black curly long hair.

“Isioma and I have a meeting.” Omote said to Tega.
Tega didn’t say a word. She only stared at Omote from her head to her feet.

Omote sprayed her perfume on her whole body and walked along, making a flappy sound with her wedge sandals.


She stepped into the hotel Stylishly, as she walked majestically towards the bar section.

The heat in the bar was intense; the music was so loud that she could feel the bass in her chest like another heart beat.

The room was decked with red and green lights, couples danced and kissed in sidelines.

Omote stood at a corner, looking out in the crowd of sweaty, sticky dancing bodies.

“Omorrrrrrr!” Isioma screamed from behind her. They hugged themselves tightly. Isioma held her hands and walked towards a round executive table. Two guys were already seated, a bottle of champagne and a bucket of ice on the center table.

“Hi guys, meet my friend Omote.” She said glamorously.
“Omor, meet my boyfriend Abiodun.” She said as she points at a younger boy at about eighteen years of age.
“And then meet Roland. He is a warri guy, but grew up in America. So you will have to cope with his ‘oyiboyish’ lifestyle.”
Isioma said excitedly.

Omote shook her head, but she looked amused.

“Hi Roland, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Omote said calmly, giving her hands to Roland. Roland held her hands firmly and kissed it.

“You are so beautiful.” he muttered in American English.

“Thanks. You don’t really look like a warri guy though, Isioma was right, you are indeed Oyiboyish.” she giggled.
“What’s your native name?” Omor asked.

“Oghenekome.” Roland replied excitedly, trying to pronounce the name fluently.

“Wow, my sister’s name is Oghenetega.”

“Unique!” he exclaimed.

Isioma and her boyfriend had started dancing to the loud sound of the club music, while Omor and Roland were trying to get along with each other.

Omote glanced up to find him staring at her. His face was firmed. His shoulders squaring, but he didn’t look away.
He was one of the most handsome men Omote had ever seen, and she wondered why she didn’t see a wedding band in his finger.

The glance they shared was strangely intimate, as if she’d come upon him at his most vulnerable moment.

Omote flipped her hair over her shoulders with a wink.
“Why are you staring at me that way?”

“Because I never knew I was going to fall in love at first sight for the first time in my Life.

Omote didn’t want to hear about love at that moment. She didn’t want a boyfriend. She had lost her job, and all she wanted was a sugar daddy who was going to take good care of her. She wasn’t sure of Roland.

“Are you married?” Omote popped out the question.

“No. I am not.” Roland whispered into her ears.

He wasn’t aware that a NO was a turn off for Omote. She wanted a married man with a purpose. Love was the least thing she wanted.


Everyone stood in awe admiring spectacle on the dark shores of the night.
It was a magnificent sight.

“I never knew Eko had this beautiful sight.” Omote said.

“well, as you can see? it’s adorable.” Roland whispered.

Isioma and her boyfriend’s boisterous laughter echoed from where they stood, just by the waterside.

“I bless this day, because I have found the love of my life.” Roland said, as he pulled Omote to himself. She stiffened in his arms, averted her face when his lips tried to find hers again.

“Don’t you want to kiss me.” His deep voice rumbled.

Omote nodded.

“please kiss me.” He hugged Omote to himself. He was surprised that she couldn’t feel his stare. He was unable to remove his eyes from her. Omote’s beauty had stalked his eyes, and all he wanted was to have her to himself all through the night.

Roland’s phone rang and he took it from his pocket immediately.

“Excuse me.” He said and placed the phone to his ears.
“Hello mom?” he said. He gasped slightly and the smile on his face disappeared within a microsecond. He hung the call and then narrowed his gaze to Omote.

“I have a meeting right now with my mom’s company staffs. I will see you unfailingly tomorrow.” He said hurriedly and grabbed out some dollars from his wallet. He took Omote’s clutch purse and puts in the money, clipped it close and hands it slowly to Omote.

“Take a cab.” he said, and kissed Omote softly on the lips.

“See you tomorrow.” She whispered.

Omote watched Roland as he walked boldly with his tall height towards Isioma.

“Emergency dear. I have a meeting.” He said to Isioma. He shook hands with isioma’s boyfriend, gave Isioma a light hug and walked away.

Isioma walked hurriedly to Omote, they couldn’t wait for each other, they walked towards each other, smiling widely.

“Do you like him?” Isioma asked excitedly.

“He is so handsome.”

“And rich too. He came to me and said he needed a serious babe, I said okay. I had to call you.”

“How did you know him.”

“He is my ex husband’s business partner. He became my friend too afterwards.
His parents are very wealthy.” Isioma said delightedly

“I like him sha. He seems like a cool guy.”

“Roland is every woman’s dream.” Isioma said as her countenance changes.
“Olamide will be coming back next month .”

“Who is that?” Omote asked.

“My husband. He will back soon with his old wacky self.”

“Old? How old?”

“He is 69. I married him because he gave me everything I wanted.” Isioma said sadly.
“Olamide has girlfriends everywhere.” She added.

Omote thought to herself, that Isioma and Olamide were birds of the same feathers. She was surprise that Isioma complained about her cheating husband too.

“I understand my dear. Sometimes money can be so powerful that, you do what you are not supposed to do. I no come this world to suffer o.” Omote said.

The two women stood by the waterside to talk more about themselves. Omote still stood her grounds of not wanting a serious relationship with any man.


On her way home that night, she opened her clutch purse slowly and peeped through the money Roland gave her.
She counted them in whispers. Her heart trembled.

“two thousand dollars?” she whispered, so that the taxi driver won’t hear her. Her heart was filled with joy as she planned on opening a big shop for her sister on the Island.


Tega pressed her hands against her temples, wishing her head would stop hurting. At last, hunger induced her to eat an egg and a biscuit dripping with butter and jam. She was pouring her second cup of tea when Omote opened the door.

“Diwor.” Omote greeted excitedly. Tega was surprised, she couldn’t remember the last time her sister greeted her Diwor.

“Vrendo. You look happy.” Tega said weakly.

“My sister! God bless Isioma. He introduced to me, one guy that says he is looking for a serious girl. you won’t believe this guy gave me cool two thousand dollars.” Omote said, coats of sweats all over her body. She jumped on the couch excited. Tega’s headache disappeared. She dropped the remains of the biscuit on a saucer, and stared amazingly at her sister.

“Just today alone? He didn’t sleep with you?” Omote smiled delightedly.

“He didn’t even see my brazier.”

“Oghene doooooh! Omote you are so lucky. I have never had a boyfriend that has dashed me common two thousand naira before.” Tega said softly.

“That is because you are always forming love all the time.” Tega frowned.
“It is not like you are always loving correct guys, you always bring home okada men and poor barbers. When they finally make it in life, they dump you and go after classy girls, what pains me most is that you have refused to be classy.”
Omote said shrilly, as if she was waiting for a moment to tell Tega all what has been in her mind concerning her love life.

Tega looked Puzzled for a moment, and then her face eased into a grin. She was so angry that it took a moment to find her voice.
“I no be your mate. I take full one year senior you. No talk to me like that o.” she said calmly.

Omote took out the dollars from her purse, counted it and handed half of it to Tega.
Tega’s eye widened as she collects the money.

“Find a shop. I will send some money to mama tomorrow morning to find a shop in the village too. Have you thought of what to sell?”
Omote asked in a low tone. Tears fell out of Tega’s eyes as she smiled at the same time.

“I know the money isn’t enough. I will add more next month.”

Tega’s headache disappeared, she became speechless and astonished.
She looked into Omote’s eyes, and saw genuine concern reflected there.

“Thank you.” She said tearily. She counted the money over and over again, and said thank you uncountable times. Omote rolled her eyes and Tega gave a deep laugh.

“My naughty sister.” She said and threw the small pillow on her.
“May God bless you for me.” She said again politely. Her words were for Omote, but her gaze was excitedly on the money in her hands.


There was one thing that was certain on Omote’s mind: She was going to do anything to save her sister and her mom from being poor, she would rather remain poor herself.
Rowland was hopelessly in love with her, and she was ready to love him back now, and make use of the opportunity to change her life forever.

Months passed by, Tega opened a boutique on Victoria Island; while their mother opened a provision store in the village, all through Omote’s financial assistance.
Her sister Omote had told her that her dresses should be exclusively for the affluence.

Omote and Roland had began a serious relationship.
Rowland’s presence in her life had changed everything in a twinkle of an eye. She became more attached to him than before.
Omote had also thought of a business to do. But she wasn’t sure of her Plans. She and her sister had moved to a bigger apartment in Ikoyi, so she needed to save more money.


Omote visited her sister’s shop for the first time since the opening.

“Your shop is so big and beautiful. Your clothes are original too, you have good taste.” Omote said, while going around, touching the dresses, the mannequins.

“You buy all these from Turkey?”

“Yes, at Istanbul.” Tega replied softly.

On that day, Omote had bought dresses and accessories worth three hundred thousand from her sister. She paid in cash, and asked her to bring them to the house when she closes in the evening.

Roland drove to pick her at her sister’s shop that evening. He drove her to his apartment at banana Island.

Heavy raindrops had just begun to fall as they reached the entrance to banana Island.
Roland wasn’t seeing clearly, so he parked the car aside. His entire attention focused on her. She felt the heat of his gaze. Her heart was hammering in her breast like a wild thing, and she felt as if it might burst out of her body at any moment.
But before she could mutter a word, Rowland had started kissing her so passionately.

Omote watched him unbutton her denim shirt with ease. She felt herself unconsciously gravitate towards him as he had some strange powers over her.

He took her chin, and then turned her face up to his. “I am madly in love with you my sweetheart.”
He looked deep into her eyes, and kissed her with all his heart.

Omote gave in her body and her soul. She wanted to tell him that she was a runs girl, the one who sleeps with big men for money.
She wanted to confess all the bad things she had done.
This man offered her everything, why was she still seeing other men?
She was thoughtful for a moment, almost troubled.
Rowland had already lost his heart to her, and she was aware that she was not in competition with any other Woman.

She held him tight to herself, and kissed him back.

The sound of her phone distracted the sweet, cold moment. She reluctantly checked who the caller was, and her heart trembled. It was Chief Akporo. She became Pensive, as she stared at Roland directly in the eye.


Omote was afraid that Roland was going to find out that she was cheating.

Roland blinked up at her, his eyes dark and warm, his mouth quirking into a smile.

“If you don’t wanna pick the call, off your phone.” He said boldly.

Omote was surprised. She smiled in a relief. Roland didn’t sound like the typical Nigerian boyfriend who would have accused her of cheating immediately she started staring at her phone without saying a word.
“See, I know that lots of men bother you a Lot. you are a beautiful girl. But I know you love me”.

For a moment, Omote seemed quiet and speechless. She puts off her phone.
Roland stroked his throat, sliding her fingers around to his nape. His skin was warm, Omote became worried. She knew that missing Chief’s call meant missing good money.
Roland wanted her, but her mind wanted chief Akporo’s money. She had promised to spend the weekend at the hotel with him. For the first time after Kennedy introduced her to him, she was going to make love to him and get lots of money. She had been postponing their dates for over three months, and it was beginning to look like a big joke.

“Why are your nipples erect?” Roland asked bluntly.

“That happens when I am cold.” she said. and then muttered ” or….enh, sexually aroused.”

She turned and looked at him, and he was quite amazed.

“Did you just say that?” Roland giggled.

Omote nodded. She wondered what was wrong with being sexually aroused and saying out.
Roland had not seen the worse of her crazy sides, he wasn’t aware that Omote had done things he wouldn’t imagine.

The rainfall reduced a bit, cars began to pass, giving horns and putting up their lights brightly.
Omote did her best to kiss him, his mouth was warm and she felt the stirring of something low in her belly, a pleasurable ache.
He turned his head and Nuzzled against her neck, his lips teasing, making her squirm.

“It’s getting late. I have to drop you.” he whispered. She was smoothing her hands up over his upper arms. She was clearly embarrassed.
She wanted to tell him that she wants to feel the warmness of his body all through the night, but she became incredibly silent.
She was angry.
Roland had never had sex with her before, and she wondered what he was doing.

He drove her speedily to her house in Ikoyi that evening, and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

“Good night my love.” He said.

Omote opened the car door sluggishly and walked away without turning back.


The front door banged open, and Tega jumped guiltily from the sofa. She grinned at the way her sister stormed into the house. Omote immediately noticed the sterling steel ring on her sister’s middle finger, but ignored.

“Is everything fine?” Tega asked, bringing out the pile of dresses Omote had bought from her shop.

“I don miss better money today because of Roland. I can’t imagine how much Chief would have given me if I had slept with him this night. This man gave me raw two hundred thousand as thanks for coming, talk of if I sleep with him. na five hundred thousand don waka pass me be that na.” she said bitterly.

“Wait. You mean you are still seeing Chief, despite all what Roland has done for you?” Tega asked amazingly.
Omote became quiet for a while. Then she looked at her sister’s fingers again.

“where you buy engagement ring Tega?”
Tega began to smile delightedly.

“there is this guy that I have been seeing for three months now, he just came to the shop and proposed today o. we were just friends for a while o, before he came up with the idea of us dating.” Tega said, excitedly looking at the ring on her finger.

“What does he do?”

“He is a taxi driver. Airport shuttle.”


She turned to Tega so quickly, she was so shocked to hear the ‘taxi driver’ from her mouth. It sounded like the worse thing her sister had ever said in her life.

“You sey wetin?” Omote asked with a disgustful countenance.

“He is a taxi driver. He does airport shuttle.”

“I heard you right Tega. you mean of all the well to do men in this world, it is a cab guy that you love? you have not considered Mama even? A cab guy will finish paying his house rent, buy food, take care of your needs and send money home to mama?”
She lowered her head for a moment, while she composed herself.

“We are just starting life.”

“We? who and who are we Tega? you and the cab guy?”

Tega caught the gruffness in her tone, and raised her head.

“See, I am not as lucky as you are with rich guys. Chetachukwu and I will get married soon. We will work hard together and make a family.”

“so” Omote said crossing her legs, “He is Igbo. And he is really a taxi driver for real?”

“Airport shuttle.” Tega repeated.

“Airport shuttle or no airport shuttle, he is a taxi driver! And you are a first class graduate of history and international relations! or is he a graduate?” Omote yelled.

“He is not a graduate, does that mean he is not going to make it in life?
He loves me!”

“And you love him too?”

Tega stared down at her, her jaw muscle tightened, she refused to answer the question, and then angrily walked away.

A frown ceased Omote’s brow. She took the remote control of the air condition and pressed a button. She began to close the windows so as to let the air condition go round the sitting room.

She sat down and admired the beautiful color of her brick wallpaper, the brown lamp that was kept by the large TV and the texture of her new lemon color couch Chief had ordered for her from America.

She walked slowly towards a large wall photo of her and Tega. Hugging themselves so tight and smiling wide. She wiped her eyes with her palm, although there was no tears. She ran her hands through a small portable frame that had their mother’s Photo; she was wearing catholic women’s organization uniform.
She admired the blue pearl necklace on her mother’s neck. It was the gift she had bought for her on mothering Sunday some years back, with the money her former boss gave to her.

“I made banga soup and starch.” Tega said. She had walked in without Omote’s awareness.
Omote turned and looked at her sister in an irritating manner.
She shook her head and said nothing for a while.

“Leave me alone.” she said in a soft tone and walked into her bedroom.

The thoughts of Roland ran through her mind, and she remembered that he had not called her to inform that he had gotten home.
Since the time she switch off of her phone, she had not touched it again.
She hurriedly went through her handbag, and searched through the wallets. She turned the handbag Upsidedown, but couldn’t find it.

She felt a sudden chill as she remembered that she didn’t pick it from Roland’s car.

She became weak instantly.

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