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How to Be a Good Prom Date?

by WDN

Prom is coming up, and you are ready to ask someone out. Or maybe someone already asked you out and you want to be a perfect prom date this year?

Did you already chose an amazing outfit, a perfect prom dress for the evening, accessories and know how you will do the makeup? Then what else is left, other than to start working on your date manners?

Set Realistic Expectations

Have you ever heard about not setting your expectations too high? It’s like building a high tower without foundation. It can break down easily and will leave the damage. Set appropriate and realistic expectations about your prom night. No need to dream about the fairytale and magical prom night.

This way, you’ll make sure not to break your heart because your expectations didn’t meet the reality. And you’ll be even happier if something amazing happens while you weren’t expecting it.

Communication is The Key

Talk about some details with your prom date. Part of being a perfect prom date is asking what your prom date. Don’t assume that they will go through everything you have planned. Take a themed prom party for example. You need to discuss your costumes if you are having a costume party.

Maybe you two want to plan a pre-prom date together, or go shopping together? Talk about that too and discuss the possibilities.

Don’t Freak Out If Something Doesn’t Go According To Plan

You will need to have a plan for your prom night. It’s not necessary to write down the plan, but have it written in your mind. And keep in mind that not everything will follow through your vision. Some things might skip a step, come a little slow or decide not to happen at all.

Prepare yourself for the difficulties. Because if you freak out for a moment, you will freak out for the whole night and ruin prom for yourself and your prom date too.

Compliment them on How They Look

Even a simple compliment saying that they smell nice is a fire starter. You will see a smile blossoming on their faces once you address the compliment. Start your night with something sweet and warm. Tell them they look good in their outfit. Boys can even emphasize the fact that their date’s dress looks the best amongst all the other prom dresses. Just make sure you’re not overdoing it.

Spend Time With Your and Their Friends

Hang out with your friends and spend a fun night, but don’t forget that your date is there too. Introduce them to your friends if they don’t already know him/her.tAss your date to introduce you to their friends and spend some time chatting or dancing with them.

Don’t Forget To Spend Some One-On-One Time With Your Date

Even if it’s not a romantic getaway for you two, still plan some alone time. You chose each other for this prom date for a reason. Chat with them, laugh with them and don’t forget to dance.

These rules are simple, but you need to keep them in mind and don’t freak out. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get along with another human being and spend an unforgettable time with your classmates and friends.

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