Gorgeous Couple Show How To Slay Pre-Wedding Outfits in Different Stylish Ways + Engagement Session Video

Couple to be Edmond and Lydia are super stylish, and they go all out in their Engagement Session.

They opted for four outfits, and practically slayed each one.

First, Groom to be and Bride to be are dressed in a Grey Tux, white shirt, red bow tie, and a red dress, respectively. Lydia goes for black heels in this hot red number, and she looks fabulous.

Secondly, they show how much of best friends they are, in a portrait of soccer. They are both dressed in matching football jerseys, a pair of blue jeans, and dessert shoes. They look so good, tackling and dribbling each other, while having fun playing soccer.

Lydia and Edmond then switch things up to Kente. They are both looking simply dashing in perfectly tailored Kente Attires.

To top it all off, they change into a reception-esque look, almost like they were gearing up for the reception part of their big day.

See photos below;


Their pre wedding video is like something out of a movie. Check it out;

Photographer @maxwelljennings

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