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Grab a Seat For Some Yummy Treat; Valerie and Kelechi’s Love Story will Blow your Mind

by Beatrice Inim
Valerie and Kelechi met in church, and this is a match made in heaven if I do say so myself.

 Kelechi blasted Valerie with phone calls, and she was put off for a bit, but guess what … She eventually yielded to his
charm and they are set to take on forever.
Read their captivating love story below..and afterwards, pre-wedding photos;
As told by the Groom;
I and Valerie met in church on the 21st of February 2016. I came to church that Sunday and the usher on duty directed me to sit down next to her(God Bless that usher). So while the sermon was going on,she asked me for my pen and even though I had only one and I wanted to make use of it, I gave it to her. After the service, she returned it back to me but I asked her to keep it. Then I asked her for her number and took it up from there.   I started calling her everyday after that day but the response she was giving me wasn’t encouraging at all. It’s just that I knew that Valerie is the type of woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I pursued her relentlessly. She would always come up with different reasons why she thinks we couldn’t be together but I never gave up on the love that I have for her.When she went for her service program in calabar,I flew there to see her.With my consistency, she began to realize that I deeply cared for her and we moved from being friends to Lovers and today we are about to say ‘I do’. Valerie is the girl far beyond my wildest dreams ,she’s the answer to my prayer. God outdid me by giving her to me, like I usually tell her I’m wired to love her. I love her with every nucleic acid in my Dna and I’m just so excited that I’m going to be her husband.
As told by the Bride:
Kelechi and I met in church on the 21st of February 2016. I came to church that fateful Sunday with my cousin and his family. So while the pastor was preaching,I wanted to jot some things down when I noticed that I forgot my pen at home. So I asked the guy sitting right next to me if he had a pen and he gave me one. Little did I know that I had just met my future husband.
After the service, of course I
returned his pen back to him but he asked me to keep it. He followed me out of the church, and asked me for my number. That’s the beginning of our Love story. He started calling me regularly after that time but really it was like he was just wasting his time because I sincerely wasn’t interested in a relationship then. As time progressed, we somehow became very good friends. I went for my service program in calabar at the beginning of 2017 and he flew there to see me. Kelechi has just always been there for me, he is super caring and the type of man I prayed to God to give me. I love him so deeply with all my heart and I am so glad to be going through this journey of life with him by my side.

Bride: valerie_ezenwafor
Groom: protegecentre
Make-up: lolamewu

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