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The Gracious And Gorgeous Bridal Shoot By Dobzi Fingers

by WDN


No doubt, weddings are great moments especially for the brides, but the truth is, sometimes the challenges are tougher than expected. Because it is her big day, she still stands out with that graceful smile and gorgeousness! Then you begin to wonder what is behind her entire stunning look?

The amazing Dobzi Fingers and her incredible team put out this beautiful bridal shoot themed “Gracious Bride” to inspire the brides-to-be.

This shoot was inspired by how poised brides are expected to be even through uncomfortable circumstances, they smile pretty, stay calm through even the unpleasant. So we decided to put together a shoot in the woods (which represents an unpleasant situation) and through it all, the bride stays gracious.

See more beautiful photos of this amazing photo shoot.







Photo Credits:

Makeup by: @dobzifingers

Photography by: @lucasugo2

Hair by: @ceeojay 

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1 comment

Dobzi June 22, 2016 - 9:12 am

Thank you for the feature, can’t believe I’m just seeing this


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