Is greeting your guests after the reception, a necessity, or you can just go about running off to your honeymoon without a care in the world?

Nothing beats a couple’s joy of having people turn up for their wedding. What’s even better, is the feeling of seeing your guests have the times of their lives, dancing, gisting, laughing, smiling while enjoying the wonderful meals, and all of that good stuff.

While this gives newlyweds utmost satisfaction, the question becomes is it an absolute requirement that they go around tables, and aisles, saying thank you to everyone that turned out for them.

We see that this actually happens a lot at weddings, whereby a couple minutes after the bride changes into her reception dress, she takes out a couple of minutes to tender a word or two of thanks to her, and hubby’s guests.

If the tables were turned, and a particular couple decides not to follow that route in showing their guests that they are grateful they came around, what happens then? Would the guests feel like the couple is ungrateful to their guests? Will they tag that as being rude?

Well, to avoid these questions and more, if an actual waltzing around and fraternizing cannot be put in motion, then a few seconds handling the mic in a short and straight to the point vote of thanks should suffice.

What do you think?

Let’s talk, is it necessary to greet each and everyone after the wedding, or not?




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