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Man Commits The Ultimate Proposal Fail As He Gets Down On One Knee With An Empty Box

by ayodeji

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A groom-to-be was left ‘mortified’ when he planned the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, only to realise too late he had left the ring at home. The groom-to-be and his girlfriend had been enjoying a picnic with their dog Bella when the botched proposal was captured on camera.

He had arranged for Trent Wood to film the moment from behind the bushes, said: ‘I was mortified. I’ll have to live with that moment for the rest of my life.’ He had planned the intimate outing down to the last detail but picked up the wrong box as he left – leaving the impressive diamond ring he’d bought sitting at home.

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The would-be husband can be seen getting down on one knee and proffering the empty box, only for his girlfriend to gasp: ‘There’s nothing in it?’ As the reality kicked in, the pair both burst into nervous laughter.

When the pair get over their disbelief and hilarity, the groom-to-be eventually pops the question anyway and his tearful girlfriend accepts immediately.

He asks: ‘Will you be mine forever and always and for the rest of your life?’ as girlfriend interrupts him with ‘Yes, yes!’

However, she repeatedly laughs throughout: ‘He forgot the ring. He forgot the ring.’

The newly-engaged couple drove straight home so he could finally give his fiancée her engagement ring.


‘Fortunately, she took it really well,’ he said.

‘We’ve been together for five years and it was finally time we took the next step.

‘She has been trying to get the marriage stage moving for a few years so I think it’s a mixture of excitement and relief. Ring or no ring.’

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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