Groom-To-Be Who Was Ridiculed And Called Broke For Proposing At KFC Gets Full Sponsorship For His Wedding And Honeymoon

God does work in mysterious ways, and truly, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise .

In this case, it was more of an embarrassment than a disappointment, because the Groom to be was laughed at by a spectator that witnessed him proposing to his girlfriend at KFC.

Said spectator took pictures, made a video and posted on Twitter, calling the groom to be broke for not proposing in a more elegant restaurant, or scenery.

However, it all worked out in the favour of the couple, as KFC recognised them and offered to sponsor a part of their wedding, also, other big brands reached out and tendered their quota to the wedding’s success. Fancy Resorts also offered an all expense paid honeymoon for the couple.

They got so lucky from being called out on twitter about their proposal, If I do say so myself .

See tweets about the different sponsorships below;


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