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Groomspiration! The Unconventional Groom & His Groomsmen

by Atai Akpan

That’s not black, it’s a bright blue! Oh yes! Our grooms of today have definitely shown us that they too can go unconventional with their outfits at their weddings and still be reeling of class. Back then, we were all of the notion that a groom must be seen in a black and white suit on his wedding day (still pondering on who came up with this rule), but gone are those days of those ‘acceptable outfits’ rather cheers to the new era of modern day grooming and suiting.

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Today, it can be seen that more grooms seem to be thinking outside the box itself. Most men seem to find the classics to be boring, even the grooms that are still keen on wearing the usual black tux and the crisp white shirt, do end up trying to add more spice to it, it could be with a touch of a bright colored bowtie, or an exquisite Ankara could even be with a whole new different texture. Most times, these ideas go hand in hand with the theme for the wedding. We all know planning a wedding outfit isn’t a casual walk into an outfit store.

For the unconventional groom, here are a few tips to aid you when choosing a suitable suiting for your wedding!


Dare to be Different

Most grooms tend to have the mindset that they most have matching outfits with their groomsmen. Although uniformity tends to be the order of the day in most Nigerian weddings, sometimes as a groom, you have to dare to be different. You must understand that your looks should basically complement each other and not be carbon copies. Your outfit should be easily distinguishable from your groomsmen and this can be possible with the use of different accessories, (suspenders, bowties, pocket squares and so many others) different suit color or texture.


Choosing a Suitable Color and Texture

To be a perfect awe for the eyes of everyone including yourself, you must always put into consideration the colors chosen. Some colors blend better with a fairer skin complexion. Whatever your skin tone is, always make sure that the color you choose to go with ends up being a perfect blend with your skin tone. No one wants to look like a clown on his big day. When it comes to textures, try as much as possible to consider the season that your big day is happening.

Photography: @Lumimorg

Tailor Fit!

Being an unconventional groom doesn’t just dwell on the idea of thinking beyond black and white. Fit is also a key factor that comes to play irrespective of whatever your style is. If you decided to pre-order online, do make sure that you end up taking it to a good tailor to make the necessary adjustments all for the perfect fit.


Hello, Patterns!

Who says patterns are off limits for weddings? Remember that people tastes differ. If you’re looking to try out something new and classy, yes! I said classy! Embrace a pattern! The classics have always been a plain black tux, so if you want to try out something different and still end up playing safe, then why not try out a pattern. If you’re keen on having a solid suit, then try switching it up with a subtly patterned shirt. The same goes for the suit, but instead of having to wear a bright patterned suit, try a dark deep shade. Remember to avoid going overboard with the patterns. Subtle coordination is the key!


Give Your Accessories a Voice

To stand out from other grooms is to think outside the box and not within. Do not limit your ideas to your suit and shirt, remember the accessories. You could be a groom who wouldn’t love to draw so much attention to yourself, so a little of pop of something different here and there may be your thing. Try considering your socks, your watch, a pocket square (if you’ll want one) or even your shoes. Give your accessories a voice to speak out for your personality.

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