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Heart-Melting Surprise Wedding Proposal

by Funmi Attah

Reshona & Devon’s surprise wedding proposal is a beautiful one!

Devon had it all planned out with his family members from choosing the wedding ring to planning a trip to Singapore for the big surprise on Reshona’s 30th birthday.

“She thought we were just flying out to Singapore to celebrate her 30th birthday in April 2017.. but I had a special surprise up my sleeve. She had no idea the photographers I hired to capture her birthday was actually there to capture our proposal!! I made sure she was well dressed for this special occasion. This surprise wedding proposal will make your heart melt,” says Devon

Read the couple’s amazing love story below as shared by Reshona!

How We Met

My fiancé and I met on the street. Yes, I said on the street. I truly believe it was an act of God. I was headed to lunch and he stopped me and asked if we could

catch up sometime and I gave him my business card. lol. He emailed me that same day. However, it was not until months later that we went on a date.

The Proposal

..he (Devon) took four months to plan the perfect engagement. I thought we were just flying out to Singapore to celebrate my 30th birthday. But I didn’t know he had something else in mind. Prior to taking the trip he took me to the Louis Vuitton store and told me to pick out a bag. I did (the most expensive one lol). He then told me that he would present it to me on my birthday.

He surprised me with dinner on a Yacht to celebrate my birthday and I saw him with the Louis Vuitton shopping bag. I was super excited; thinking the pocket book I picked out was in the shopping bag. It wasn’t!! Instead it was the ring inside a much cheaper bag. It was a prank that took me from Zero to 100 real quick lol. After eating and hanging out he presented me with my birthday “gift”. The excitement and emotions were absolutely priceless!!


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