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Heartwarming: Wife’s Romantic Message For Husband Goes Viral

by WDN


What a lovely and creative way to show your spouse how much you love him! You don’t have to have loads of money and buy designers stuffs for your partner before you can show him or her how much you really do care. Sometimes it is the little things from a sincere heart that matters.

Gary Hamilton is one lucky man — “the luckiest guy in the world,” if you ask him. The seasoned television reporter for the New York Yankees woke up for work Saturday to discover his wife, Jennifer, had orchestrated quite the birthday surprise on social media.

He calls her Jenn, and she’s not on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Jenn spent the previous night taping fliers emblazoned with Gary’s smile and a loving message asking strangers to send birthday wishes to him on Instagram and Twitter.


“She wrote, ‘He’s seriously the best,’ but the real truth is that she is,” Gary, 32, told Mashable on Sunday as birthday tweets and Instagram photos of the thoughtful flier continued to trickle into his notification feeds from people he’s never met and likely never will.


Source: Mashable

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