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Honeymoon Hotspot: Top 10 Places To Visit In Dubai~ Part 1

by WDN

1. Desert Safari

Drivers, buckle up, it’s about to start. You thought we’d miss the Desert Safari?! Desert Safari will provide you with vehicles to do some off road travelling with sand dunes and have the ultimate fun of your life. Although it requires some really good driving skills to handle the jeep in the sand but hey, what the heck, let’s just get in there and have some crazy fun, right?


2. The Dubai Mall

Although it’s a part of Burj Khalifa but since it can be accessed via Doha Street we have given the famous Dubai Mall its own spot on our list; number two. It houses more than 1,200 shops and is the home to world’s largest Gold Souk which comprises of 220 retailers. Other important shops contain Fashion Catwalk Atrium, Fashion Islands and departmental stores. It’s not all about the shops and stores that are present in the Dubai Mall; you will also find The Oasis, fountains and waterfalls adding to the beauty of the Mall.


3. Ski Dubai

Now skiing is something that we can’t do every other day. Well, most of us can’t. Dubai has solved that problem as well. An indoor ski resort which is a part of Dubai Mall, offers a total skiing area of 22,500 sq. ft. It was opened in 2005 and has quite some features; a 60 m high mountain with five different types of slopes and difficulty along with a 400 m long run and 90 m long quarter pipe. The resort provides you with winter clothing, skiing equipment and snowboards. Cool, isn’t it?


4. Dubai Museum

It would appear that most of the tourist spots we have discussed so far have been built quite recently. Well, this one will change the pattern; Dubai Museum was constructed in 1787 and its aim is to present the traditions and ways of living of people of Dubai to the tourists. The Museum serves a million visitors and is full of local and international artifacts of historical importance that make quite a fine collection.


5. Burj Khalifa

So you are visiting Dubai and all of a sudden you have the desire to have a bird view of Dubai and its surroundings. Probably the very same idea crossed the creators of Burj Khalifa a.k.a. known as Burj Dubai. It enjoys the title of world’s tallest building with a height of 829.8 m. It started operations around the end of 2010 and the whole project’s cost was $1.5 billion. The Burj consists of 163 floors, just in case you were wondering.


To be continued……

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