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How Do I Fall in Love Again?

by WDN

Dele sighed deeply
His tear-filled eyes stared on the road as he drove
He wasn’t sure how to react
To this disturbing news

He had everything planned out with his friends
He had gotten the engagement ring a few days ago
Wanted the moment to be a very special one
So he could express how much he loved Susan

How could you, Susan? he shouted
His horn honked erratically
As he struck his steering wheel repeatedly
Startling the dispatch rider that rode past his car

Why would you, Susan?
I loved you with all!
We were meant to be together from the first time I laid my eyes on you
Susan, why? He asked again

Dele shook his head as tears streamed down his face
Quickly wiped them with his sleeves
But he couldn’t keep them flowing
As the pain of betrayal ached his heart

What did I do wrong?
Susan, why? He asked again
His vision became blurry as he cried in his car
Then, he decided to park his car

As he swerved off the road to the service lane

His car narrowly missed the biker riding past him
The rider hurled some insults at him
Dele’s heart was too broken to care

He unlocked his phone
Starred at the picture Lanre forwarded to him
Susan exchanging vows with a stranger
And she was beaming with smiles

How could you lead me on all along, Susan?
He dialled her number
Hoping she would tell him it was a terrible dream he had
And the picture was photo shopped

Her number was engaged
Later, the operator said it was switched off
Susan! He shouted her name
Why? Did I offend you in anyway?

Dele thought about his relationship with her family
It was very cordial
Susan’s family filled the void of a lone child for him
They made him feel welcomed always

He remembered his last visit to Susan’s place
Her mom welcomed him warmly as usual
Her siblings were friendly
Even her younger sister chatted with him while he waited for Susan

He didn’t sense any animosity
Or did I miss the red flags?
He asked himself again
As he played the visit in his head again

Nothing was out of place
Yes, Susan’s Mom mentioned a family trip
Slated for the weekend in honour of her husband’s remembrance
He volunteered to come along but she declined

Even when he proposed informing his parents
Susan’s Mom insisted that there was no need for it
Since it was just an immediate family affair at their home town
And they would return that same weekend

Dele screamed in his car
As he took a second glance at the picture
Why me? Dele asked himself
Though he had one or two flings before their relationship
Susan was his first love

He placed his head on his steering wheel
Trying to get a grip on his emotions
Someone rapped on his window
He ignored the knocking but the person persisted

As he looked up, it was a policeman
Oga, is everything alright? the policeman asked
Yes, I’m fine, Dele muttered
Wind down your glass, policeman instructed him

As he did in response
He quickly cleaned the remaining tears off his face
Yes Officer, how may I help you? Dele asked
You will have to move your car, the policemen instructed him

You are causing some traffic here, he added
Dele looked into his prismatic rear-view mirror
He saw a long line of cars behind
The few commuters driving past swore at him

Dele apologised to the policeman
Changed his gear and drove off with a heavy heart
His phone began to vibrate
He ignored it because he wasn’t ready to talk with anyone

Days passed
All efforts to reach Susan yielded no results
Her friends didn’t have an explanation for what she did
She had informed no one about the secret wedding

Life continued
Dele decided to stay off the dating scene
His friends tried to set a few blind dates for him
But he never showed up

His life was now all about work
One after the other, his friends got married
He would avoid hanging out at their bachelor eve’s party
His parents and friends became worried

A few years later
One Saturday morning after his workout session at the gym
He decided to stop by for brunch at his favourite restaurant
Instead of having to fix something for himself at home

While he waited for his meal to be served
He saw this lady walked in with two toddlers
She was stunning and graceful
He stared at her as they picked a table opposite his

She looked familiar
Initially, he couldn’t place her face
Took a closer look at her secretly
While the waiter served his meal

He thanked the waiter and started eating his food
He felt a tug at his heart tug

Looked up from his meal to satisfy this strange longing
At least there is no crime in staring, he teased himself

It was about same time she looked up
Their eyes locked
The painful memories came rushing back like a flood in Dele
As they both stared at each other

He shouted, Susan!
While she shouted, Dele!
Immediately, Dele sat back in his chair
Lost the appetite for the meal he was eating

Susan, he called her name again
One of her children called,
Mum, can I have some juice?
She didn’t answer

The toddler sitting on her right hand called again
Mum, can I have some juice?
Oh! Sorry, my baby,
She poured some juice in his cup and handed it to him

Dele stood up from his meal
Walked to her table, Susan!

He called her name again
He wasn’t sure what to say to her

Dele, it is nice to see you again, Susan said standing up
I can’t say the feeling is mutual, Dele replied bitterly
I’m sorry, Dele, Susan said

Dele just stared at her

Then, Susan’s daughter tugged at her skirt and asked,
Mum, who is this man?
Is he our Daddy?
She bent down and shook her head and replied

Princess, it’s not Daddy!
He is a friend
Can I meet him? Princess quizzed her mom
Yes, you can, Susan answered

Princess and Patrick, meet my friend, Dele
Dele meet my babies – Princess and Patrick
Hello little beauty, how are you?
I’m fine, it’s nice to meet you, sir, Princess said

Meanwhile, Patrick hid behind his Mom’s legs
Hello Patrick, Dele said stretching his hand to the cute toddler
After he exchanged pleasantries with the Susan’s children
He bade her goodbye and turn to leave

Susan pulled him back gently and asked
Dele, can we see and talk?
Dele nodded his head trying to control his emotions
Please give me an opportunity to explain, she pleaded

Dele shook his head
Unshed tears pooled at the bottom of his eyes
Just once, Dele, Susan said
After that, you can choose to hate me forever

Dele, please, Susan pleaded again
Luckily, the restaurant was nearly empty
Save the restaurant staff setting up for the Saturday buffet
But Susan’s children were watching

Okay, Susan, Dele conceded
Name the place and time, I would meet you there, he added
Waterfront side at the Moonshine restaurant, 7 pm next week Saturday
Thank you, Dele, Susan quickly added

The new week started and the days passed quickly for Dele
Because a lot was happening at work
While Susan, she felt the week was on a trot
She was distracted at work and at home

Would Dele ever forgive her?
Can she still do anything to salvage the love they shared?
Her ex-husband never loved her
All he wanted was a trophy wife

Unfortunately, her Mom wanted a share of his fortune
Agreed to the marriage without her consent
Then, the gifts started rolling in from him
The first gift was a Range Rover Sport

Following it was, a new apartment for the family
Dele was an upcoming promising young man
He helped when he noticed a need in the family
But Mama felt it was needless to her to suffer like she did

Initially, she wanted to tell Dele
But she was scared
Wanted to please her mom
Knowing how she suffered to raise her siblings and her

The marriage was the worst mistake of her life
Her husband was never at home
She lived alone
Two years later, she found out he was married

His wife and 4 children were living abroad
While he shuttled between different countries
Her world crashed
Unfortunately, she was already pregnant

Without a note or forwarding address
She packed her things and left
Hired an attorney to handle her divorce
Before it was concluded, she gave birth twin – Princess and Patrick

Ever since, her children had been solace
As she picked up her life again
Not a word to her ex about the children
Neither did her Mom know about them

She shook her head
Prayed that this evening would bring closure for Dele
From observation, his ring finger was empty
She remembered Dele was the ring type

While they were dating he talked about
How he was going to wear his ring proudly when they got married
He would tease her about wearing a friendship ring
At least other guys can know she was off the market

Susan sighed deeply and rose up from her chair
Called on her children’s nanny
Gave her some instruction
Picked up her car keys and left for her meeting with Dele

Meanwhile, Dele was in a quandary
Should he go or stay at home? He pondered
Can anything Susan say change what had been done?
Laid on his couch staring at his chandelier

At 6:30 pm, dressed in his white shirt and blue jeans
He sat him down and switched on his TV
Wasn’t sure what to do
Kept on flipping through the channels

At 7 pm, his wristwatch alarm beeped
Like a man on a mission
Got up, switched off his TV and left his house
Ready to face the truth

It was easy to locate the restaurant
He had held a few business dinners there
As he walked to the Waterside
He saw Susan was already seated

She looked really beautiful in her white blouse and jeans trouser
She seemed uncomfortable
Then, she looked around and saw him
Waved at him as he walked towards her

Hello Susan, Dele greeted
Hi Dele, she responded
Thank you for coming, Susan said
I was thinking you would not show up

Dele nodded and took the seat across her
A waiter came around to take their order
They both ordered drinks
Then, sat in silence as the noise of crashing waves filled the air

After their drinks were served
Susan broke the ice
I’m sorry Dele for all the pain I caused you
I’m really sorry, Susan said sadly

Dele nodded and asked,
Why did you do it, Susan,?
Can we go for a walk? Susan asked
Yes, if that makes you feel better, Dele responded

Then, Susan began to tell him the story
Those were the most miserable days of my life, Susan confessed
Dele, I thought about you every moment
I hoped and wished I could see you

But my Mom and husband kept a tab on me
My ex collected my phone and bought me a new one
Lost all my contacts
Then, he took me out of the country for 6 months

On return, I began to live a solitude life
I almost committed suicide
I couldn’t go anywhere unaccompanied
I had a chauffeur and bodyguard take me out

Dele, all I’m asking is for your forgiveness
I’m sorry I caused you such deep pain
Dele, please let go of the pain and move on
Please, she pleaded

I haven’t heard your deep-throat laughter, since we met
You seem to move around with a heavy heart
Dele, you deserve more than this
I wish I could help you but not sure I’m your the best option

Dele stared into the dark sea
Full of mixed emotions – pity for Susan and his own loss
Susan, I forgive you, he said as he turned to her
I’m sorry for the pain you went through

I’m not what is next for me
Or if there can be a us again
Let’s be friends and take this journey to recovery together
He reached out to her and pulled her close


Author: Anu Onasanya

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