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How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Shape

by WDN


Wedding gown shopping can be overwhelming. Especially when you don’t have an idea of what best fit you. But knowing basic dress shape and body types and also understanding how they fit your figure will help. Every bride wants a stunning dress that will be the talk of the town for a very long time. But at the same time you will want to be careful with what dress you are choosing so as not to have a disaster on your wedding day. We have our brides to be’s interest at heart, that is why we have compiled some tips to help you in choosing your dream gown when you visit a wedding dress vendor.

• The Busty

Emphasize more on the foundation garment, like a good bra, or a corset. Or minimize your curves by balancing your top with a full skirt. Be careful that your dress isn’t too revealing because you want the focus to be on your face and not somewhere else. And don’t forget to move around in your gown during fitting to make sure everything stays in place and you feel comfortable.

• The Broad

If your body is built like that of a swimmer with wide-set shoulders. Highlight your toned shoulders with a halter neckline, or try a gown with long sleeves worn off the shoulder. Select a dress that highlights your waistline, your shoulders and create an hourglass shape. Trying to conceal your shoulders is not recommended, as it sometimes produces the opposite effect. Stay away from cap sleeves, which can add width to the shoulder area.

• The Pear-Shaped

The pear-shaped is someone though small on top, but round off towards the bottom. A dropped-waist style or a strapless ball gown will cover your bottom half and put more emphasis on the top. An off-the-shoulder neckline will keep the attention on your upper body, and an A-line gown is always a flattering choice. A sheath can be unflattering, and a V-neck will draw the eyes downward.

• Full-Figured

This is someone who is voluptuous, with a well-endowed bust and curvy hips. Try a mermaid or trumpet-style gown, which will have a slimming effect. A high-waisted A-line dress with a low neckline also complements curves. A slim sheath or slinky bias cut will cling and may accent any extra inches; also avoid spaghetti straps because they won’t provide the support you need.

• The Boxy shaped

If you have a boyish waistline whether short or tall. An empire-waist gowns are just the best. And a ball gown with a closely fitted bodice or jacket extending past the waistline over the hip, with a V-shaped dip in the front, will give your waist a nipped-in look for more shape. Stay clear of sheaths and dropped-waist styles, which will make you appear boxier.

• The Petite

The key word here is elongation. It’s best to keep it simple. A column-like sheath or an A-line dress works best: These will keep the eye moving and create the illusion of height. Almost all silhouettes will flatter your figure, though a big ball gown or a dress with lots of voluminous fabric may look overwhelming on your small frame.

• The Tall

Women with five feet ten taller look great in everything from sheath to A-line styles and full ball gowns. A long veil is great for you because you can carry it off. But skip gowns with high necklines because they’ll draw the eye upward and create more length. And avoid headpieces that may make you look taller.

• Bony

Women with skinny body. Whether short or tall fall into this category. Wearing boat necklines and sleeveless gowns are flattering options for you. A ball gown is a very feminine shape that will balance out your overall silhouette and visually create curves. Try one with a dramatic cutout back. If you’re concerned your collarbone is too bony, stay away from off-the-shoulder or halter necklines. And if you’re flat-chested, avoid a bodice with pre-designed cups.

. Pregnant

If you’ve got a baby bump, from four to nine months, buying a gown while pregnant can be tricky, since you can’t predict how big you’ll be come the wedding day. An Empire waist is your best bet for its loose structure and relaxed silhouette. For the mom-to-be who wants to show off her belly, a soft, clinging sheath in a stretchy fabric makes a proud statement. Avoid anything that’s too constricting or uncomfortable, including tight bodices and ball gowns, which will emphasize your middle.

• Arm Issues

If you are conscious about your arms, whether they are heavy, jiggly or too skinny. Then you can choose long or three-quarter-length sleeves in a sheer illusion fabric, or add a bolero to your look, which can be removed whenever you like. Stay clear of off-the-shoulder styles and cap sleeves, which will highlight the upper arms.
Even though certain styles work best on certain body types, don’t let the “rules” narrow your search too much. It helps to try on all different kinds of dresses and then decide what shape and style you look and feel best in.

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dear,mau nanya dunk paket ga termasuk dgn dress/gaun, lalu kalau mau nyewa di loombk (gaun pengantin), bisa dibantu? berapa kira2 budgetnya.thanks.


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