Humility: “I Have A Daughter That I Would Give My Life To Protect, A Wife That Means The World To Me” BasketMouth Apologizes For His Post On Rape


Top comedian BasketMouth has truly apologized for his post on rape he shared some few days ago. Many Nigerian women didn’t find the post funny and the comedian had to put it down and apologized for his act.

Read his apology letter below…..

My people,

I have a daughter that I would give my life to protect, a wife that means the world to me, a mother that made me the man that I am and anything that is done for any woman is less than she deserves for the role they play in our lives.

I would never in a thousand lifetimes encourage rape, I broadcasted a joke that many clearly misunderstood and have found offensive and I sincerely apologize, the intention however was to highlight an unfortunate trend and the ridiculously flawed comparison between money & the worth of a woman.

So to all women, the ones that make our lives colorful, the ones we owe our lives..literally, our pride, our money choppers, the true stronger vessels, this is me, Bright Onyekwere Okpocha saying, I no dey crase to promote rape?

Accept my humble apologies if it was misunderstood, it wasn’t meant that way by a long shot. One love.

Here was the previous post that caused havoc on the social media


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  1. Wat he said its just highlighting watmay happen. Una sef can read meanings to notins. Y babe sef go collect all these thins from a guy for notin.

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