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I Am A Woman, So What?

by Mo Aremu

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If you are one of the many male/female individuals who do not think much of your female partners, spouses, siblings or school mates….Think again because some day they will surprise you and make you realize God did not make the male brain bigger than the female.
The female anatomy can appear to be emotional and weak but really females are very strong and able to hold their own.
1.Takes care of family (parents,children,husbands,siblings,friends,neighbors and strangers) physically(chores and care), spiritually(prayers), emotionally(always there) and a lot of times financially(rendering help no mater how little).
2.Get educated in order to be in the know at all times
3.Get jobs in order to sustain themselves and loved ones
4.Remembers what each and everyone of her family members need
5.A lot of times are more financially accountable (there are some exceptions though)
The list could go on but for now let us limit to this.

When a woman holds a certain amount of money to go shopping for herself, if she has a child guess what, she enters a baby/children’s store first. If she does not have a child, she picks out clothes for her self and buys the ones that do not fit anyway just because she knows her younger sister, older sister, friend, aunt or mum would definitely like it. Females are generous in nature that is why if you see a stingy female you think she is cold hearted.
As females do not deny yourself the opportunities out there, go out get educated, mix with people from various cultures, learn how to fix things around the house, learn how to basically DIY (DoItYourself). Learn basic politics, read news selectively and be an all rounder.
Do not let a male trample on your intelligence and make you look like a nobody. Knowledge is power, ‘if you do not know it you have no say’. In fact some cultures believe where men are gathered and talking women must never be heard!
Get out there, open your eyes and stop uttering statements like ‘but I am a woman, how will I cope’. Who said you can/will not cope. You never know what you are capable of until you get yourself busy.
In this time and age there is nothing like gender when it comes to knowledge. Be wise and do not let anyone talk down on you just because you ‘do not know’
Men bring up your girls with the ‘I can do’ attitude, do not make them feel less of themselves and teach them ways to stand up for themselves.
Respect the female gender and stop the discrimination!

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lauraSage June 21, 2014 - 4:53 pm

I Love the Wisdom ad Fun that you share…
Keep on keeping on BLESSED ONE 😉

Daisy June 22, 2014 - 3:43 pm

@WDN,ur ways…I love


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