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I Need Help!! My Wife Would Not Heed To Warning About A Disturbing Call She Receives

by ayodeji


I have been married to my wife now for three years and we already have a kid who is four months old. My wife and I stay in different location because of the nature of our jobs.

Although, we have been together since her maternity leave and that has brought us closer to each other, since we do not see regularly.  But, I noticed that she does receive strange calls which I have warned her about, but there is this particular guy I am not comfortable with. why? This guy was her toaster while we were dating back then.

I specifically told her about this and told her to delete the number but both of them still talks when I am not around. When I got home yesterday from work, I met her receiving a call but as I got in, I noticed her response became slow and suspicious. I collected the phone from her and asked the recipient ‘who is speaking’? he responded and I asked him if he knew ‘ she is married’? He later apologized and cut the phone.

The most shocking thing about the whole issue now is that, My wife now keeps malice with me and has not spoken to me since then. I just do not understand what the missing puzzle is. I intend to call the guy with my personal line to know who he is and what’s between him and my wife.

Please, I would love to listen to advice on how exactly I should go about this. I have been feeling uneasy and I need help.

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Sandiva October 16, 2015 - 10:22 am

Pls Why in the first place will a husband and wife live in different location just because of the work?? Do you value your Job more than your Happiness,your home,your Family?? Why don’t you get her a job in your own location?? You people are meant to be together, u staying in different location will not only make things worst bit will also destroy every single thing u laboured for,if she is somewhere else I tell u each day dat goes by her love for u is FADING AWAY FAST.
How sure are u that u are d one responsible for d pregnancy?? Since maybe d man have been sticking around ur pregnant wife, keeping her company,doing some certain things u suppose to do.Another man is doing ya Job!!
The most time that wives need their husband mostly is when they are Pregnant cos they go tru alot during that period and they need their husband to be there for them.
Plsssss Let her quit that job and come and stay with u,dats if u value your Marriage.
I hope u do find peace in your home.


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