Igbo Traditional Marriage: The Bride, Her Attire and Accessories

The south-eastern part of Nigeria is the home of the Igbo speaking people. The traditional Igbo wedding in ethnic language is known as “Igbankwu,” and it is a beautiful ceremony of traditional customs and pageantry. The traditional wedding follows certain provisions like mode of behaviour, customs, local cuisine, and the use of native outfits.

During Igbo traditional weddings, amazing high fashion and traditional outfits are worn that are fully representative of both families and friends. The festive celebration full of joy, happiness, and fun is incomplete without the display of high fashion on such occasions especially the ensemble of the bride’s attire. The styles are ingenious, brightly coloured, and full of endless variations that flatter the female form.

The outfits worn by the bride are eye-catching, elegant, regal, and thoughtfully designed. In addition, there are many similarities in modern traditional wedding outfits between the Yoruba ethnic group and Igbo ethnic groups.

Both ethnic groups chose colour codes, wear blouses and wrappers and use lots of embroidery and accessories. The major difference is the ceremony and traditional requirements, which are different, yet serve the same purpose.

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