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Finding Mr. Perfect Husband Part 4 By Vicky Bon Uzuazor

by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

Yes, here is the Part 4. In case you missed Part 1,  Part 2, and Part 3, kindly click here, here, and here respectively.

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Imabasi was angry. Her heart became bittered as Miriam’s words ran through her head.
She got up from the sofa and took her wallet. Walking out, she slammed the door.
She didn’t know where she was going to. She was pained and needed someone to talk to.
She took a cab to Troy’s house. She wasn’t sure about what she was doing, but she closed her eyes all through, wishing in heart that Troy will tell her Miriam was lying. And that he loves just her and nobody else.
“We are here ma’am.” The cab guy said.
Imabasi gave an audible sigh of relief and handed some money to him.
As she alighted from the cab, her legs ached, they were trembling as she walked toward Troy’s apartment.
She pressed the doorbell twice. The door clicked open and her heart trembled at the sight of a white lady, she had a blonde hair and Troy’s towel tied around her.
“Who are you?” Imabasi asked with anger in her tone.
The lady noticed the irritation in her tone and smiled to herself.
“I am Maya.”
“Same Maya? Troy said you’re his ex.”
Maya giggled. ” I am his wife! I am sure you’re one of the girls Troy has been deceiving. Since I left for Bromley, I have seen your types in quite a number.” Maya said.
Imabasi suddenly became calm. ” You’re married to Troy? He told me you’re his ex.” Imabasi said in a broken voice.
“Troy, Troy?” Maya called out in a loud tone, as she laid her head on the door and folded her arms. Troy appeared with the same color of towel wrapped around his waist. His heart melted as he saw Imabasi. Maya slapped him twice on the cheeks.
“This is the fourteenth girl I have seen in one hour since my arrival from Bromley. You used my house in fucking your whores!” Maya said as her angry gaze swept Imabasi from her head to her feet. She slammed the door against Troy and Imabasi.
“What are you doing here?” Troy asked in a shaky tone.
Imabasi’s eyes were clouded with tears, but she tried to control it.
She ached all over, and now she was exhausted.
Nothing in her life had prepared her to deal with a man like Troy.
“Please don’t come here anymore. Maya is back. I met her at home after I returned from dropping you and your friend off. I didn’t know she was coming.” He tried to explain to her.
“Troy!” Maya called from inside the house.
“Yes honey.” He replied in a loud shaky tone as he opened the door and slammed it against her.
Imabasi knew it was over. She felt her face flush. She became angry with herself. After a while, her eyes grew heavy and the ground grew harder.
With bittered pains in her heart, she made it to her house.
She clicked the door open and the fresh smell of bacon rumbled her stomach.
Miriam saw her when she walked in, she noticed there were tears in her eyes. She untied her apron and took the kitchen towel, cleaning her hands and walking hastily toward her.
“You were right. He is a male whore.” Imabasi said in broken whispers.
“Oh no. You asked him?”
“I wanted to. But I discovered he is married. He has a wife.” Imabasi began to sob softly.
Miriam’s eyes fluttered shut, and she sighed.
“Victor has been calling the landline. I strongly believe that guy is good. He loves you. He promised to stop smoking because of you.”
“I don’t want a man now until I hear from God.”
Miriam shook her head. “Until you hear from God now? No more searching for a perfect man?”
“A perfect man is the one God is going to show me. I won’t choose alone. The pastor preaches about getting signs. I will ask God for a sign.”
Miriam’s eyes widened. “It doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t.”
“It does! I will ask God for a sign. I will find out from God if Victor is really the right man.”
Miriam tried to suppress the smile that played on her lips, but she was not entirely successful.
“You’re an adult, but still thinks like a teenager,” Miriam said softly.

“Sister Imabasi, God said I should let you know this; The first single man you see today at your door post is the man God has ordained to be your husband.” Pastor Iniunam said over the phone.
Pastor Iniunam was Imabasi’s mom’s pastor in Nigeria. Her mom had given her his number since two years back.
“He is a powerful man of God. He sees what others can’t see. He sees visions.” Her mother said to her on the day Ima complained about not being lucky with relationships.
“Thank you sir.” She greeted.
“And again, you can also pray before you sleep, God will also reveal to you In your dream. I will speak to him, but before then, you will pay your tithe, and send pounds for the construction of the church’s podium. We need a big Television screen and piano for the church, when you do these things, God will grant your heart desires.”
“Amen pastor. I will do so as soon as possible. Send the church account number.” She turned her face to Miriam, who was listening to her conversation with pastor Iniunam over the phone.
Imabasi hung up the call and said, “This is going to work. I wonder why I didn’t call him since, by now I would have been married Mimi. Mom was right, he is indeed a man of God.”
“Indeed.” Miriam muttered and gave a loud sigh. “Nigerian pastors! why must you send him money first? I am not just having a good feeling about this pastor Iniunam.”
“He is my mom’s pastor. He is real.” Imabasi said, scooping up her blanket and relaxing under it.
Miriam nodded mockingly.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
The two women turned to each other.
“Are you expecting someone?” Imabasi asked surprisingly.
“No I am not. Richard won’t come here without letting me know.”
Imabasi was quiet, she thought only for a moment.
“Jesus! Pastor Iniunam was right! He said the first single man to knock on our door is going to be the man God has ordained to be my husband!” She exclaimed, and got up immediately from the bed.
Miriam stared at her surprisingly, as she sprinkled the body mist on her body and wore a nude colour lipsticks. She glanced down at her feet and applied a lotion quickly on it.
“This is God. God bless Pastor Iniunam, I am going to send him that money before noon Mimi.” She said excitedly as she paused and exhaled.
“I wonder what he might look like.”
The doorbell rang the second time, and Imabasi took her phone from the bed and turned to Miriam.
“Mimi, it is not right that my husband should see me for the first time, looking like a low life woman. How do I look?”
She asked eagerly as she turned around stylishly.
“You look good. Loosen your hair, ponytails don’t really fit your face.” Miriam said shrilly.
The doorbell rang the third time and Imabasi ran out of the room, followed by Miriam.
They were both anxious.
They opened the door immediately and their eyes swirled like molten lava.
He gazed down at her, his lips set in a tight line.
Imabasi caught and held his gaze, he was aghast at the way the two women stared at him.
“Newspaper delivery?” He asked in a soft tone.
Imabasi stared at his dirty feet, he had just one hand; His left hand was cut off. His left eye was closed with a one-sided shade.
Imabasi collected the newspaper reluctantly as she gave him a disgustful stare.
She glanced down at his feet severally, wondering the last time he had his bath.
“Thank you. You can go.” Miriam said when she noticed her friend got lost in her thoughts.
As they slammed the door, Imabasi’s knee suddenly went weak, as she slumped to the ground. She was trying to gather her thoughts together.
“In all my years of seeing one’s husband, that guy isn’t worth being a boyfriend of a pauper,” Miriam said and gave a loud amused laugh. “Your pastor failed you this time.”
Without a word, Imabasi kept thinking of the newspaper delivery guy.

“A few months ago, you needed a perfect man. Now you want the man God will choose for you by himself. There is no such man as perfect Ima.” Mimi said shrilly, as she scooped the last spoon of noodles into her mouth.
Imabasi’s face had gone blank as she’d yelled. “A man given to me by God is perfect!” She stood up straight, her eyes hooded and a small frown creasing her forehead.
Her phone rang, and she picked it up immediately from the sofa when she saw that it was Pastor Iniunam.
“Hello Pastor” She said, as her voice got low.
“Sister Imabasi, God bless you, my child. I sent the account number since, but I didn’t get any alert.” He said huskily.
Imabasi coughed and then said, “Pastor, the man who came to my door post this morning was a newspaper vendor. He had just one hand. I am angry, so angry. Why would God want to give me a man who is that dirty and handless? I am not worth such a man.” Her voice was so bitter.
Pastor Iniunam gave a loud laugh and then said, “You are a child Of God sister Ima, you can tell God what you want and he will send him to you. If you don’t want the newspaper guy, you can keep praying. God can show you more people to choose from in your dream.” Pastor Iniunam paused and then began to say things in strange languages, “Hahhalabosokalabarayah, hmmm! Sister Ima, the lord Just ministered to me, that the first man you are going to see outside when you go out today will be your husband. He is a white man, the Lord is trying to tell me what he is wearing, but I am not seeing clearly. Pray before you go out today, your mother cannot wait to have her son-in-law. But If you don’t like this one, you can keep fasting and praying, God will reveal to you in your dream.”
Miriam shook her head Jerkily, as she watched her friend.
“Thank you, pastor. I am making a transfer to you right now.” She said, her voice sharp.
“God bless you, remain blessed.”



To be Continued…………………………



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