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In You I Find Joy, Love, Peace, Warmth! Come Let’s Live Together forever!!: Yemi And Segun’s Beautiful Engagement Session

by WDN


This amazing couple, Yemi and Segun, met through mutual friends while they were still in Nigeria. Just like every other relationship, Yemi and Segun’s relationship has also suffered lots of hiccups, but since their love is a union made in heaven, nothing could break them apart not even distance.

Segun left Nigeria for USA to further his education leaving Yemi behind, for her it was like her world was falling apart but Segun assured her that he will keep in touch and that kept her going. Due to the difference in time and distance, the communication between them reduced and it was like a dark cloud hovered over their burning romance. But when you know that you know you have found your soulmate, nothing can separate you from the one. Despite the fact that they did not communicate as often as they wanted, Yemi still had Segun somewhere special in her heart….
Yemi also traveled to the USA in the quest to further her education. She contacted Segun and that reignited their friendship, but it  was very casual; all they did was chat via social media. Segun being a goal-getter always referred to her as his “wife” and that was enough for Yemi to know the end of their friendship from the start; she knew someday he will be all hers.

They lost contacts again, as usual something has to bring them together, but this time it was the demise of Segun’s friend. She wanted to inform him but he was nowhere to be found as he had relocated back to Nigeria. When she contacted him this time, they both knew what they wanted and they ensured they made their relationship work, they communicated more often and their love only grew stronger. They just wanted to be in each other’s arms. Yemi invited her sweetheart back to the USA and he accepted. That was one of the best decision he has ever made. They became practically became inseparable

Their proposal is just as unique as the couple. It was an unexpected one and so natural. They were travelling for a gateway trip. Segun had already bought a ring but was still figuring out how he would propose to his sweetheart in a special way, but as always fate had its own plan. On their way for the vacation, Yemi received a call and she needed to write something while on the phone she opened the glove box were Segun had hidden the ring in search of the pen and she saw the ring. She obviously knew what it was all about and she quickly asked “is that my ring” before Segun’s response, she was so happy and she quickly put the ring on. It was a memorable journey for Yemi, her dreams became a reality! When they arrived, Segun being a gentle man wasn’t satisfied on how the whole thing went; he needed to do it the right way. He went to her and demanded if he could just take a look at the ring again she stretched her hands towards him, he pulled it off and got on one knee and asked the official question “Will you marry me?” In excitement Yemi screamed “Yes I will marry you”. This is just so amazing and their D-day is just by the corner. Love truly a beautiful thing!!









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