Inside Namibian Wedding of the Year Perfectly Planned by Wendy’s Creations is Absolutely Swoon-Worthy

Every year, Namibians are always looking forward to Wendy’s Creations annual wedding ceremony and who the lucky couple will be. This one-of-a-kind wedding has been dubbed ‘Wedding of the Year‘, and has become something to watch out for year-in-year-out

Windeline Kausiona known as Namibian ‘wedding fairy godmother’, loved all things wedding and she absolutely adores bringing the unspeakable to life

“From those who apply, I normally do a shortlisting process and then set a session with the couple so we can talk about the project. After selecting the perfect couple, we all agree to keep the event a secret until the main day,” Kausiona said,” says Kausiona.

Read what Wendy says about 2019 Wedding of the year perfectly planned for Helena Naanda & Rickson Figura
Wendy’s Creations Wedding of the Year is one of the key signature events planned, designed, and styled by Wendy’s Creations annually. It is regarded as one of the most luxurious weddings on the Namibian wedding calendar. The event design showcases the latest trends and absolute creativity in bringing clients dreams to reality. It is the ultimate show that gives total sensory experience that neither the client nor their guests will forget. That unique and luxurious spot that couples compete to secure.

Scroll down to view the beautiful wedding moments!




Photographer: @milkywayphotography
Florist: @flowered_namibia
Wedding cake: @royalbakerywkh
Cinematography: Trace @townhousephotography
Violinist: Ronaldo @r.o.n.a.l.d.o.official
Wedding Videography: @milkywayfilms
Wedding DJ: @dj_chinchila

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