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Jolade and Salam’s Exquisite Pre-Wedding Shoot + Sweetest Proposal Video

by WDN

Jolade and Salam will be saying their ‘I Dos’ in a couple of months’ time and we are super excited for these two lovebirds who won this awesome pre-wedding shoot courtesy of Wedding Digest Naija.

The couple met in Uni and according to Jolade and it was not love at first sight. Jolade and Salam never knew they would become this close after losing contact for a year but fate brought them back together again and since then, they’ve become inseparable and best of friends.

Read their sweet love story as shared by the bride-to-be……

It’s ironic how we could barely stand each other when we met. It certainly was not love at first sight.He was in his final year, I, on the other hand, was a JJC jambite totally nerdy bookworm.
Abdulsalam was such a cliche, captain of our Uni’s soccer team, quite the socialite too, as his rave (who he was also the ‘chiefo’ of) planned the best parties in school, girls fawned all over him, I mean, It was always Macfoy this Macfoy that. We we’re introduced through a mutual friend and I remember rolling my eyes when he made a very cheeky comment about a certain part of my body,
thinking gosh! how brash!

He thought I was a goody too shoes! I thought he was the sort of guy parents warned their daughters off. He was in a relationship then and I particularly wasn’t looking to be with anyone so after he graduated we lost touch. About a year later, he got my BBM pin from same mutual friend and we got talking, really talking, everyday and most of the night too! First impressions aside, I realized despite the facade he puts up, deep down he’s the softest, kindest man I know, and I fell in love with how utterly selfless he is with everyone regardless. He jokes to his friends that mehn, Jolaade na ‘Jolly ijobon’ and Margret Thatcher because I always have to keep him in check. We realized we had a lot in common, lol, and a lot of not so alike traits that we’re still
adjusting to.

He meant business as I was wooed so hard and so fast I still question my sanity at how we managed to turn out quite nicely. I won’t say it’s been the easiest of journeys but I can definitely attest to the fact that it’s been one heck of an amazing ride. We’ve grown together, pushed each other beyond whatever boundaries, prayed together and in spite of whatever challenge, always bounce back even stronger than we ever were. With no doubts, we’ve chosen each other and became best friends along the line, although we’re still acclimatizing to being partners for

So here we are, from awkward and over the top dates to goofy family meets, countless breakups and amazing memories of growing together, 6 years as friends, 4 years boyfriend and girlfriend, 1 year fiance and fiancee (I’m still shocked he planned a perfect proposal without me suspecting a thing!) and forever and ever and ever to go.

Surprise Proposal Video



The Cute Pre-Wedding Video

We hope as much as our pictures are liked you say a little prayer as well towards God’s unending favor in our lives as we count down to officially #BecomingTheMacfoys #JollySally’17 as #JollyandSallyGetHitched


Hair Styled by Hair by Sleame

Makeup: BMC Makeup Studio

Photo Shoot: Wedding Digest Naija

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