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Joy that knows no bounds; these proposal moments are adorbs!!

by Beatrice Inim

The joy that comes with being asked by your best friend, to be their life partner forever, is next to none.

This is seen in these proposal photos.

The Bride to be is obviously genuinely surprised, and excited to start another phase in life’s journey..and even better, with the love of her life.

Here is what she had to say, in reaction to the peoposal;

” 4 years ago, we started building a foundation for what will one day become a footprint for our home without knowing. Today God has entrusted me with my biggest and most honoring task to be your wife and your partner. You are truly a reflection of God’s love for me and baby I’m loving every bit of it. I can’t wait to be your wife and MRS.. God has been so good in writing our story. When i think of God’s goodness over our lives I’m just in awe because of God’s grace. And to think that this is just the beginning it amazes me ???. I never fasted for a man, i never prayed long prayers to request for a husband (*there’s nothing wrong with that*). Never made a long list of what i wanted in a husband but God gave me exactly what i wanted in HIS timing. For me my focus was to ALWAYS honor God in my living. Make sure his kingdom is well represented through me in open and in secret, and in return everything else will be added (good husband, good home, job, peace, joy, etc). When you trust God with your heart he has no other option but to bless you with the best. In return we promise to make God proud and allow him to use this union for his glory. I’m glad I waited for you ❤”


See their lovely photos below;


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