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Keeping a positive outlook, and attitude when your inlaws are mean towards you; Kill them with Kindness

by Beatrice Inim

Marrying your best friend may seem like a walk in the park, and in some cases, it actally is, but the fact that your’e basically marrying everything that comes with that individual is where the strength is needed…scratch that and make it ‘divine strength’

Now count your stars if your parent-in-laws are entirely awesome toward you; and there’s the siblings of the spouse- if those ones also think the world revolves around you, then you’ve got yourself a lifetime of bliss.

But in the event that all, or some of your in-laws do not get along with you, what then happens? Do you call off the wedding, or stick it through (as LOVE ALWAYS WINS), and go on even with all the differences flying around? Well, quite simply, and frankly, one cannot come and roll and die. But aloofness does not solve anything. Consequently, a relationship is required. If the bride is in the latter scenario, or situation, where her in-laws do not like her, then i guess that is where her home work begins. Consciously try to strike a stable, if not fun rapport with every single one of your in-laws, push yourself hard, call them, text them from time to time, when you see face to face, try as much as you can, to include yourself in happenings, and what the family is involved in; engage in discussions, help around the house, have fun outings with them, and just ultimately try, no matter how shy you may be, go the extra mile to make your presence felt in their lives. And this goes without saying, if you are a likable person, without a nasty attitude. Then you are good to go.

But hey not everyone can be pleased. If you are a great person, and you try the inclusivity technique, and some members of your spouse’s family just do not like you, then You can wash your hands of. Yup wash them off clean, and let God..

Hahahaa.. Gotchya.. I bet you thought i meant then do not marry your significant other.. See you!! So..darling, when you’ve exhausted all you could to get along with your new family-to be, let God handle the situation. Pray fervently, and God will surely cause a turn around in the situation.

Also, in the event that the in-laws are all lovey dovey toward you, but change in character, or become too invasive in your marital life, when the wedding is finally over, then kill them with Kindness. Do not banter words, but keep being your sweet self..However, be that sweet self to a certain there is only so much quiet one can keep. Sometimes, people need a reality check..suffice it to be a ‘pep-talk’. But this should also be done in a calm, and polite manner. Violence never really solves anything. So..kill them with kindness, honey, and kill them some

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