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Do You Know You Can Apply Deodorant In Other Places?

by Funmi Attah

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The reasons why most people generally wear deodorant is just for this ultimate reason; to keep the stink at bay whenever there is sweat.

It’s not the sweat itself that smells, but the bacteria that builds up when you get damp and sweaty. Your armpit is one place we all know you have to apply deodorants every day, but there are other places where you can still apply your deodorants. whether it’s to reduce stink or for every other purpose. Try these other places.

1. On Your Feet to Prevent Blisters
Got a fab new pair of stilettos that are giving you blisters? Roll some deodorant on your feet and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Why? Because the deodorant helps create a barrier that prevents your shoes from sliding up and down on your feet and giving you blisters. Perfect!

2. On Your Face
The powdery ingredients you find in deodorant can help keep shine and grease at bay on your face. Don’t you hate when you leave the house looking matte and then you look in the mirror only to see a shiny forehead? Me too! Swipe your face with deodorant and this issue will quickly become a thing of the past for you.

3. Get into Your Skinny Jeans with Deodorant
Even the tiniest girl can have trouble getting into her skinny jeans from time to time. Make things glide on in the most wonderful way by swiping deodorant up and down your legs. It will make your pants go on so easily and it won’t leave marks or stains on your skinnies. No more suffering through bad fashion just because you can’t get those jeans pulled up!

4. Keep Sweat out of Your Eyes with Deodorant at Your Hairline
Tired of going for a run and winding up with burning eyes when your sweat runs into your peepers? Solve that problem in seconds by swiping deodorant all along your hairline before you hit the pavement. Make sure you use an invisible stick so you can’t see it. If deodorant doesn’t do the trick, try antiperspirant, which is better at stopping sweat.

6. Keep Sweat Away from Your Breasts
There’s nothing worse than feeling sweat running between your breasts, right? You can get rid of the issue with a quick swipe of deodorant. You can also use it under your breasts when you exercise or when it’s hot outside to prevent sweat stains from appearing in an embarrassing place. Use clear in this area to prevent those nasty white marks on your clothing.

Have you ever thought to use deodorant in any of these places? Which one are you dying to try out today?

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