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Ladies!!! Here are some things to look out for when next you are dressing up for that outing

by Beatrice Inim

Dressing up for an outing depends on a lot of things, most important of which are what the event is about, as well as where it is being held.

For instance if you are going for a birthday party on the beach, you know to wear something extremely casual like a kimono over shorts, and a bikini top, or a lovely light fabric maxi dress..Bear in  mind, you cannot wear heels on the beach, so do not even think of wearing it there in the first place.

That sort of thing.

Now to the gist of the day. Just as you cannot wear heels to the beach, there are also some other fashion donts i wold like to bring to you. *winks

NUMBER ONE.. Please please and please, never go out in a dress that shows your bra straps. Yup!! I went….If you are going to be wearing a blouse or dress without sleeves, or with slim sleeves, endeavor to wear a strapless bra underneath. Bra straps seen beside, ontop of, or under (whatever position, really) a lady’s dress sleeves, is quite an obnoxious sight. No one wants to be unpleasant.  so…thank me later!. If you do not have a strapless bra, or at all cost, must step out with your bras peeking through, wear one with a strap like a regular spaghetti top. Don’t worry. I’d explain what i mean. There are some bras that do not have the hooks attached to the bra strap; those hooks you can use to adjust (tighten, or loosen) the grip of the bra on your chest, to give the perfect fit.

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Yes!! That one. Wear that one instead, where it does not exactly look like you are wearing a bra, but a cute camisole, or spaghetti top. This goes well especially for off shoulder blouses, or dresses..even though i’d rather you went with a strapless bra. But oh well!!lol..

SECONDLY... Do not pair your silver jewelery with the gold ones. No mix-match, Sis! Wear gold earrings with Gold necklaces, and rings..

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Yup!!Just like that. Same goes for your silver collection. Always pair them together. Again..No Mix-match!!

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The only time you may mix both, is if your golden piece of jewelry has some touches of silver, and if your silver jewelery has some gold embedded in it as well. Then, you can either choose a plain gold, or plain silver accessory to go with it. Say your neck statement piece is both gold and silver, you could wear either gold, or silver earrings then. Either or works!! See Below..



Less is most definitely more!!! Do not over do it. In choosing an outtfit, don’t go for one that is extra extra extra extra. Simple does it. You cannot ask your designer to make you a dress, and ask them to add a bow, a peplum, fringes on the side and bottom, and a flowy belt on the back. As much as those are lovely elements you could add to your dress style, putting them all together in one piece, would be totally unnecessary, and unpleasant t look at. So, my darlings!! Less is more…

Now, the next time you’re going on that occasion, put these tips in mind, and you would certainly stand out..

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