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Letter From An Unborn Child

by Toyosi Aromire


This is a letter from the perspective of an unborn child. Enjoy

Dear Mummy,
Hope your day is going fine and the world is friendly with you. You are my joy. There is nothing I can do without you. I know we stay in two different worlds. In my world all I do is sleep, eat and feel loved. I try to imagine what goes on in your world. I feel the stress you go through every day. How you have to wake up in the middle of the night to eat so that I will eat too. How you feel uncomfortable just for me to feel comfortable. I know about how you have to change your diet so as for me to have a balance diet and look healthy. How doctors touch your stomach and, always check on me when you can’t explain how you feel.
I know that as much as you go through all these stress and pain, you get worried and unhappy if I don’t move or kick and if the doctor can’t get an impulse of me during the scan. You get to see what I look like during scan and know if I am a girl or boy. I know I share a part of your DNA and part of your blood and body nutrients and I am likely going to have some of your characters like your beautiful personality, your smile, your nose, your fingers and eyes. I hope to be as beautiful as you are or more in physical appearance and in behavior wise. I feel your tender touch when you stroke your tummy with your soft hands. I like to feel you smile and laugh. This makes me rest assured that you are happy.
I can’t wait to meet you and see the lovely woman who has been strong to carry me. I love you already and I adore your strength despite all the pregnancy pain. I can’t wait to be trained by you and tutored by you on how to survive in your world. I appreciate your everyday prayer for me even when you haven’t met me. I promise to make all your heart desires come to pass. I promise to obey you and my dad. I promise to comfort your pain with happiness, peace and joy. With all the talent and gift given to me from God. I sure can’t wait to come to your world to make you a proud mother.

With Love,

Your Unborn Child

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Hope Dickson November 5, 2015 - 10:48 am

dis is creative


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