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Little Boy Interrupts Bride And Groom’s Vow In The Most Hilarious Way

by ayodeji


When nature calls, you just have to answer. Else, you are on a long thing.

And it was this little boy that had to answer that special call just as the bride and groom were anout to say their vows.

But instead of being discreet and sneaking off to the toilet, the child felt the need to announce his impending bowel movements to the entire congregation.

Toddler-shouts-I-need-a-poo-in-middle-of-wedding (2)

As the registrar starts the vows, the little boy suddenly shouts: “I need a poo,” as the rest of the guests collapse in laughter.

A helpful bridesmaid quickly dashes off with the little boy and rushes him to the toilet while the congregation attempt to compose themselves.

Toddler-shouts-I-need-a-poo-in-middle-of-wedding (1)

Crying with laughter, Hannah, the bride, says: “What just happened?!”

Eventually, the bride and groom are able to continue with their vows and it seems the wedding went off without any more hitches.




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