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How To Lose a Little Weight Before Your Big Day

by WDN

Hey! Ladies,

Having the perfect wedding dress for your dream day is super important, but hold on! Imagine spending heaven and earth on your dream dress then you try it on some days before your wedding day and it doesn’t fit.

That ladies is every bride’s worst nightmare, well that and if your groom doesn’t show up or the flowers do not match the decor or the catera forgot the wedding date and planned for the week after lol.

Fear not we’ve got your back, want to lose a little weight before your dream day? Then follow these easy tricks that actually work.


I know you might be like”Tell me something I haven’t heard before” but I’m going to tell you the simple truth, water is key when you’re trying to lose weight in short water is bae.

I personally hate drinking water, when it comes to water it’s like punishment to me, but the truth is half the time you’re thinking you’re hungry and you get a little bite to eat your actually not your thirsty, but your brain can’t say “No it’s not food I want it’s water” so you end up thinking it’s food you want.

Tip: Next time you’re hungry just try drinking a cup of water and if you just don’t like water like I don’t, then try fruit water trust me you will never look at water the same way.(ps if you want to learn how to make fruit water leave a comment below.)          


This is a super fat burner trust me I’ve tried it and can honestly say I saw results, just get fresh garlic peel and swallow. You can chop it into smaller pieces to aid digestion and for it to be more effective.

Do this along with drinking water and watch your waist shrink like crazy!!, I love garlic and I put it in absolutely everything from omelets to pasta even noodles.

Tip: If you absolutely can’t stand the smell of garlic then you can get odorless garlic extract capsules from pharmacies.

3.Green tea and lemon

Green tea on its own has weight loss properties, but green tea and lemon together create a super weight loss duo drink this at least twice a day and you’ll thank me later.

Tip: Drink first thing in the morning and before going to bed for best results.

4.Eat More!!!!

Starving yourself only makes you add more weight, it has been proven by experts that eating 4 to 5 little meals compared to eating one filling meal increases your metabolism which helps you lose weight. You can have healthy snacks like apples and peanut butter or nuts in the right amount instead of chips, ice cream and all that junk during the day.

Tip: Try to plan your meals a day before in order to control what you eat, you can even pre-pack your lunch and snacks a day ahead.

5.Fruits and Veggies

I’m not saying you should starve yourself but eat more fruits and veggies like watermelon, cabbage etc Your waistline will thank you for it and you can eat larger quantities compared to rice and white bread.

Tip: Instead of eating something heavy or deep fried for dinner, or rice try having fruits for dinner like watermelon trust me when I say you will see a big difference.


Eat oats in the morning and you will notice you are filled even by noon, it’s great for weight loss and fills you up. The best part is it has little calories so you can have double servings. Try eating oat for breakfast before work or your daily activities instead of buying fast food or sugary cereal.

Tip: If you don’t like the boring taste of oats try eating it with fresh fruits or baking with it trust me you will love it

7.Stress Less

Stress has been linked to weight gain and it makes a lot of sense because unconsciously you end up eating more due to stress so ladies try your best to avoid stress. So no matter what might be giving you stress like your job etc just try to stay calm.


I don’t have to tell you eating a lot of carbohydrates is a no no right? If you’re trying to lose weight and your eating rice, pasta, noodles, white bread your only deceiving yourself because they do nothing for your figure. I’m not asking you to cut it out of your meal but limit it as much as you can.

Tips: You can try brown rice or take very little quantity and top it up with steamed veggies you will notice a huge difference.
Always remember a happy bride is a beautiful bride, so even if you’re all dolled up but frowning and stressing all over the place it’s all going to be for nothing. So stay happy, beautiful and away from rice. (kidding).

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