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Love At First Sight: Chioma and Ebere Lovely engagement session‏

by WDN

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They say fate brings two people together but it is love that keeps them together. For Chioma, she could not tell if she loved Ebere the first moment she saw him or if it was the second, third or fourth time. All she could remember was that, the first time she saw him walking towards her, she realized that somehow, the rest of the world seemed to vanish at that moment and that was the best feeling she has ever experienced. Ebere, on the other hand, fell in love almost immediately he saw her, he just could not let go of the presence that dominated him. He approached her, exchanged pleasantries and since then, they stayed connected to each other and that, strengthened the bond between their relationship.

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Their Love Story + Romantic Proposal Story

It was love at first sight for Ebere and Chioma when they ran into each other in their college cyber café in 2007. As soon as Ebere set his eyes on her he whispered to a friend sitting beside him. “That’s the girl I’m going
to marry”. Later on that week the duo ran into each other in front of her hostel. There and then, he seized the opportunity and made his move on her. After a formal introduction, it took just minutes for both of them to
connect. They hung out subsequently, but Chioma kept on proving “hard to get” (even though she secretly liked him) so much so that she stood him up at the schools’ end of year dinner. This went on until graduation, they went separate ways but love struck Ebere always kept In touch with his heart throb. Fast forward to 2010, she finally gave in and they started dating after their National youth service. They went out on a swimming date and that’s where they had their first kiss. January 2011, Ebere traveled out the country to study for his Master’s
degree and literally spends most of the day communicating with her. In spite of being in a long distance relationship, they were both inseparable.

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She couldn’t imagine living life without him so she decided to join him in the states. On Valentine’s day of 2015, he popped the question at Monarch Roof Top NY overlooking the empire state building, it was a surprise engagement party with all their friends present and she said “Yes”.

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Background music: Kenny Lattimore – For You

Photo Courtesy – Dele Oyedepo Photography

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ogochukwu Samuel July 8, 2015 - 4:42 pm

I was here! smiles** I wish my sister n inlaw a blissful marriage life. miss you sis

Chioma July 8, 2015 - 8:49 pm

Awwww. Thanks sweet bro @ogo. Thanks wedding digest naija. It’s an honor.


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