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Love At First Sight….She Blew His Mind Away: Hadiza & Salihu’s Vibrant and Beautiful Wedding

by WDN

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Salihu met Hadiza and her beauty captured his heart just at first sight and deep down he felt he has met his “Mrs Right”. Salihu just like any guy who knows what he wanted went after Hadiza , all effort to get acquainted with her fell on deaf ears as Hadiza just like most ladies, played hard to get. However, Salihu did not relent, instead he fell in love with her the more. Salihu’s persistence captured Hadiza’s heart completely and left her with no option than to agree to start a relationship with him. He turned out to be the kind of man she had always wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Love struck and took control eventually! He proposed and today they are husband and wife.

With the help of ever talented photographer and a friend George Okoro who captured the couple’s beautiful and memorable moments, we bring to you Hadiza & Salihu’s captivating wedding photos to keep you refreshed and make you believe in true love…. and of course to inspire you. Enjoy!

George Okoro-1JPG

George Okoro-2-4JPG

George Okoro-3JPG

George Okoro-5JPG

George Okoro-14JPG

George Okoro-20JPG

George Okoro-32JPG

George Okoro-33JPG

George Okoro-34-2JPG

George Okoro-36JPG

George Okoro-38JPG

George Okoro-40JPG

George Okoro-61JPG

George Okoro-64JPG

George Okoro-66JPG

George Okoro-77JPG

George Okoro-84JPG

George Okoro-87JPG

George Okoro-2-6JPG

George Okoro-2-7JPG

George Okoro-2-8JPG

George Okoro-2-13JPG

George Okoro-2-14JPG

George Okoro-2-15JPG

George Okoro-2-23JPG

George Okoro-2-28JPG

George Okoro-2-31JPG

George Okoro-2-32JPG

George Okoro-2-44JPG

George Okoro-2-54JPG

George Okoro-2-59JPG

George Okoro-2-61JPG

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George Okoro-2-73JPG

George Okoro-2-83JPG

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George Okoro-151JPG

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George Okoro-172JPG

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George Okoro-272JPG

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George Okoro-350JPG

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George Okoro-387JPG

George Okoro-389JPG

George Okoro-422JPG

George Okoro-423JPG

George Okoro-424JPG

George Okoro-425JPG

George Okoro-428JPG

George Okoro-430JPG

George Okoro-436JPG

George Okoro-443JPG

George Okoro-465JPG

George Okoro-495JPG

George Okoro-497JPG


George Okoro-2-5

George Okoro-2-9JPG

George Okoro-11JPG

George Okoro-20-2JPG

George Okoro-21JPG

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George Okoro-29JPG

George Okoro-34JPG

George Okoro-37JPG

George Okoro-38JPG

George Okoro-42JPG

George Okoro-57JPG

George Okoro-65JPG

George Okoro-79JPG

George Okoro-86JPG

George Okoro-88JPG

George Okoro-92JPG

George Okoro-94JPG

George Okoro-97JPG

George Okoro-103JPG

George Okoro-116JPG

George Okoro-124JPG

George Okoro-126JPG

George Okoro-162JPG

George Okoro-168JPG

George Okoro-209JPG

George Okoro-210JPG

George Okoro-231JPG

George Okoro-234JPG

George Okoro-238JPG

George Okoro-240JPG

George Okoro-253JPG

George Okoro-259JPG

George Okoro-261JPG

George Okoro-262JPG

George Okoro-272JPG

George Okoro-294JPG

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George Okoro-2-12JPG

George Okoro-2-13JPG

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George Okoro-2-28JPG

George Okoro-2-29JPG

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George Okoro-2-31JPG

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George Okoro-2-41JPG

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George Okoro-2-44JPG

George Okoro-2JPG

George Okoro-3-3JPG

George Okoro-3-4JPG

George Okoro-3-7JPG

George Okoro-3-9JPG

George Okoro-353JPG

George Okoro-377JPG

George Okoro-379JPG

George Okoro-385JPG

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George Okoro-397JPG

George Okoro-404JPG

George Okoro-426JPG

George Okoro-433JPG

George Okoro-457JPG

George Okoro-474JPG

George Okoro-483JPG

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George Okoro-492JPG

George Okoro-493JPG

George Okoro-506JPG

George Okoro-510JPG

George Okoro-519JPG

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George Okoro-536JPG

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George Okoro-597JPG

George Okoro-598JPG

George Okoro-618JPG

George Okoro-620JPG

George Okoro-659JPG

Wedding planner:

Mrs Toyin.,
DECORATIONS : dinner ( blue velvet marquee) Kamu( The afficent) ,
MAKE UP: Fati Mamza ( for kano) BM PRO ( for abuja),
HEADGEAR: Bimms 24
VIDEOGRAPHY: cinematic style productions
DJ: Dj showky for elegante club
VENUE : Fabs event center ( kano dinner) , the afficent ( kamu), nicon luxury ( abuja event) , groom’s house ( abuja budan kai).
SECURITIES and USHERS: mrs toyin and army headquarters.
FOOD: Dhalal Lebanese flood and meena restaurant,
COCKTAILS: mrs. Toyin
CHAPMAN : meena resturant,
DESSERT : stock pot,
WEDDING CAKE: creamy bites ,
Head gear : Bimms
OUTFITS:2 laces are custom made , DESIGNER: ejiro Amos – tafiri ( for kano and abuja dinner) and DZYN ( for the rest attire),
SHOES and CLUTCH bags: Sergio Rossi, Stuart witezman, Kurt geiger London, Truly Zacposen, Aldo Arise custom made limited edition by oswatwald helgdson.
The events are: dinner ( kano) , Kamu ( kano), wedding Fatiha ( kano) budan kai ( abuja), dinner ( abuja)


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