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Love is a Beautiful thing: Abigail and Joshua’s Charming Love story & Beautiful Wedding

by WDN


They say the best kind of relationship are the ones we did not expect to be in, the ones we never saw coming. Our lovely couple, Abigail and Joshua have found love in an unexpected way, the time they never thought they would. They got that astonish feeling (love) and everything just happened suddenly. Guess what? It is the best feeling ever‼!
Let’s sit back and enjoy their love story and how they met.

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Love Story by Abigail

The day I met Josh was the day before I left to visit Ghana with my little sister Lydia. Since Josh is from Ghana, and his parents are still living there, he gave me his phone number in case I needed any help or advice.
I didn’t really think I was going to need any help since I had travelled to Africa many times before, but it just so happens, that this one time, I would make a huge mistake that would lead me to need him.
We ended up having difficulties getting into Ghana and they told us that I would need to call someone who lives there. I felt nervous and weird about calling Josh and asking him for a huge favour when I had only really known him for an hour! My sister encouraged me to call him because we were really in need of help. So I took a deep breath and dialled his number.

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He answered the phone and said “hello” and I said, “Hi, this is Abby, you probably don’t remember me… But we met a couple of days ago. I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour…?”
For a moment I was afraid he’d just laugh and say he couldn’t help, but to my surprise he was so eager to help me. He got right on everything and told me he would call his parents right away and figure everything out for us! He assured me that everything was going to be ok.
I got off the phone with him and just thought, “Wow, there are some really amazing people in this world! He is so kind to me and so willing to help me, and ask for nothing in return, and he barely even knows me. He is such a good person.”
I told my sister about how amazing he was and how much he was going to help us out, and immediately she exclaimed, “It’s fate you are going to marry him!”
I was like “no way! Not going to happen!” But little did I know that this great act of kindness would lead to josh and I’s immediate friendship and later on grow into love.

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Within months after my sister and I got home, I called him just to have dinner and then from that day on, we were with each other every single day.
He proposed to me in the mountains, on a autumn day, under a grove of pines trees. It was beautiful.
We had dated for a year and a half and then we’re married November 2014 at the LDS Salt Lake City Temple in Utah.

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We planned our wedding within 3 months- so we had to do everything fast! It was stressful because we were both trying to balance school and wedding planning but luckily my Mom planned most everything for me. The hardest part was finding a location and bridesmaid dresses but it eventually all worked out.
My advice to any bride would be to just try to enjoy the wedding planning process as much as possible because you only get to do it once in your life! Then on your wedding day, really look around and notice all the beautiful details! Take everything in and breathe! Just love and enjoy every second of that day because you will want to relive it for the rest of your lives!

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Beautiful and breezy! God bless your home abundantly!


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