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Love Knows no Age: Couple Who Met 70 Years Ago Ties the Knot

by Funmi Attah

Janice and Jim Caitlin met 70 years and they had to wait 70 amazing years before they tied the knot.

On the 23rd of August, the two lovebirds from Wisconsin decided to ride on the marriage boat after boarding the same school bus back in 1947. Janice and Jim lost contact over the years but when they recently found each other again, they also found love.

“I found out not too long ago that we have lived in the same house, and all these things were coincidental,” Janice, 86, told the news station. “And I knew him right away when I first saw him.”

After discovering they lived near each other, the two frequently made time for dates — so much so that they said they have seen each other nearly every day for an entire year.

“It’s just her and we just want to stay together,” Jim, 88, told WSAW.

After spending so much time together, the two felt it was only natural that they walk down the aisle.

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