How Would You Love Him to Propose? Would You Love an Intimate Surprise Proposal or You’d Rather He Goes Public

Asking a lady for her hand in marriage, popularly known as ‘The Proposal’, has become the order of the day, in most recent times. This big phenomenon is what most ladies seriously anticipate, and cannot wait for, to happen to them, especially for those that have been with their partners for a significantly long period of time. Also, when it comes to popping the question, people involved have their own preferences, as to whether they would like to ask, or be asked in public, or if they would rather make it a private affair.

Public proposals are pretty interesting and would seem to hold more surprise tendencies than a private proposal would. A lot of thought has to be put into it, from picking out a venue, inviting friends, and family, as well as setting up various other props that would make the proposal stand out.


On the flip side, couples that are keen on having a more private proposal, may not exactly get the entire ‘shebang’ of having so many people in their faces, cameras blazing, as well as lots of screams in the air, but they, nonetheless, enjoy the feel of asking their partner to marry them, and getting proposed to, only this time, in a more subtle manner. Private proposals allow for both individuals to hear each other’s hearts beating fast from joy, and maybe surprise, as well as savor the moment privately, enjoying the intimacy the proposal aura brings, and all of that good stuff. Whilst with public proposals, once the question is asked, and maybe answered (because these days, we see the ‘askees’ running away from the ‘askers’ without a word, or blatantly saying “NO”. Lol!!”)

And of course, there are the lot that are sitting on the fence on this one “Public or private, just sha propose to me!!!”.



It all boils down to what kind of folk are you, and which stroke would you prefer. Hence, whatever rocks your boat, that, you should do!

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