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Love t First Sight! Piriye & Chuks’ Oh-So Sweet Engagement Session

by WDN

Piriye and Chuks met through the groom-to-be’s uncle – how cool is that!

Chuks’ uncle was Piriye’s classmates and ever since he introduced them to each other, they’vee been inseparable. Let’s just say it was love at first sight. Chuks’ uncle saw that Piriye has got some awesome qualities that would match Chuks’ personality – and the pairs have got some amazing undeniable chemistry.

Read their beautiful love story shared by the bride-to-be and see some of their love moments in photos captured by Gaff Multimedia.

Our Love Story

Bride to be story:

So we met one night while I was preparing for exams with some members of my MSc class. His uncle happens to be one of my classmates. We ran into Chuks after the study meeting and his uncle insisted I come say hi to his nephew. I said hi and Chuks said hi and proceeded to drop me off at home as I didnt drive. We talked for a few minutes, he took my number and has not stopped calling since that day. One thing led to another and Chuks decided there’s no need to waste time when you are sure of “the one” so he asked me to marry him and here we are.

Photography by @gaffmultimedia
Bride is @piriyaay
Groom is @lekwuru

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