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Their Love Is Unconditional: Olamide And Olashinle’s Beautiful Vintage Wedding

by WDN


According to a writer, “love is like a lost object it will show up in the most unexpected way” Yes! this is the summary of Olamide and her heartthrob Olashinle. Their union is one that is orchestrated by God. It started as a Boss and employee relationship, they became friends and fell in love. And they just can’t help but always thanking God each day for they have found joy and happiness in each other.

Olamide met Olashinle when she went for an interview and his appearance drew her attention and she tried all her possible best to gain his attention; and so performed her duties diligently. Olashinle on the other hand, from the first day he set his eyes on her, her beauty struck him, he felt his dreams were gradually coming into reality; he actually wasn’t wrong.

Recently, this two lovebirds tied the knot in a traditional marriage and a holy matrimony; it was a rustic/vintage themed wedding with so much class and style, the bridesmaid rocked mismatched dresses. They made the big day very colorful.
Check out lovely photos and the love story of this amazing couple as they begin their romantic journey of love.



The Bride
I have always been a sucker for chubby dudes. (In fact everything chubby; I will probably not kill a roach because it’s chubby). While I was doing my youth service in Ibadan, I got a call for an interview at a media company in Lagos. I was overjoyed because I didn’t want to stay at home after NYSC was over.

I got to Lagos and started having cold feet. I started thinking of everything that could go wrong and why I shouldn’t go for the interview. Thank God for my older friends; in fact, they made sure they left work to come take me to the venue.

While we were in the waiting room, a young chubby man came to tell us that we were soon to be attended to and all I could see was that he didn’t have a ring on that dreaded finger! Till date, I still don’t know why that thought crossed my mind. For Christ sakes, I was there for an interview!

When it was my turn for the interview, I was stunned to discover that the cute chubby man was my interviewer! Jeez! I still don’t know how I passed the interview because I kept thinking of his cute chubby presence and his cute voice still drool every time I hear it

I was hired… I was Single… He was in a relationship… Spoiler!

The one thing I noticed was that he wasn’t a woman wrapper; he had strict policies and abide by them. On his birthday, he was so sad, I mean the guy had sadness written all over him. I was almost forced to ask what the matter was but as “I be employee now and he my boss,” I didn’t want to cross my boundaries. But I was happy I could use his picture on my BBM for some days without my colleagues asking ’sup.*big grin*

I got to know that his girlfriend broke his heart prior to his birthday. I should have been sad but mehn, I wasn’t oh! I started putting extra efforts in my work activities, always going the extra mile, and then one day, he asked me if I would like to see a movie with him! Bingo!!!!!! Mission achieved! Little did I know that all the while, he was “eyeing” me as well!

And the rest they say is history. I met the man of my dreams where I never thought I would and it’s been a beautiful experience so far and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle with him on the 27th of February 2016.


The Groom
Three years ago, she walked into my office for a job interview. Doe-eyed and with a charming smile, she sat pretty and aced her interview. Seven months later, an innocent employee-boss relationship had blossomed into a secret office romance.

The lesson for me is simple: you wait all your life for something, search the breadth of the universe for it, and one day it just walks in on you unannounced. God has a plan for us all and those plans are not complex at all. We just have to open our hearts to welcome it. You simply literally walked into my life when I was busy looking everywhere instead.

Olamide Ruth Bakare, you are my miracle in disguise. The little grand plan that God had for me. I bless the day you walked through that door into my office. I cherish the moments, the whispers, the tiny breaths we exchanged in the build up to this great moment.

Olamide, My Lowcut‎ Bride. The Girl in the Oxfords. My Vintage Girl. The One Who Dares to be Different. You are the craze in my craziness. The adventure in my adventurousness. ‎Together we would shake this planet. Together we will rise like stars into the midnight sky. Here’s to us: to the very first week in our forever. I love you, wifey. Here’s to Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After.




























IMG_9610 copyJPGJPG

IMG_9554 copyJPGJPG

IMG_9578 copyJPGJPG


IMG_9584 copyJPGJPG

Photo Credit

Wedding planned by @laheiress

Photography by @sam.fotography

Makeup by @runsewe_oluwafunmilayo

Wedding dress by franchybridals

Groom’s outfit by @sd.schon

Wedding Stationery by @ebenezerruth

Cupcakes by @shonoikid_exousiacakes

Couples footwear by @shuuufootwear

Decor by @enazcreativity

Catering by  @incredibleedibles

Cocktail by @boboschops

Doughnuts by @exquisitosconf


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