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Maya’s Diary: Iru (locust beans) thingz!

by Mo Aremu

Hi guys,It’s me again!

How have you guys been? Well this weekend was fabulous for me, I stayed home mostly and then on Sunday ‘Mothers’ Day’ I got flowers and I got to pick out my favorite pants at a very expensive store (I got away with my choice because ‘I am a Mother’). Shout out the the Mums in the house whoop whoop!. You guys that did not buy anything for your wives, sisters and mothers #thereisGodo.

Hmm back to how my week went, so during the week I went to visit a friend who had a surgery and she gave me ‘iru’ (locust beans) from Nigeria. I got home and left my purse in my children’s closet and I did not realize until 2 days after. The smell came like that of a dead rat and my husband could not stand it. He started panicking because he thought rodents were in the children’s play area only for him to tell me the smell was coming from my purse. OMG…..I remembered. ‘yeeeeeee honey it is iru’ I screamed. I rushed and left my babies in the bathtub because I knew the smell of locust beans is terrible and I had to quickly take the pack out. Well, the reason why I am telling you guys is that I had to throw away my purse because after spraying every perfume in the house on it, that purse was still smelling so funky I needed to let it go.

Please pray for me, I have been feeling really terrible these days, seems like I am stressed and my tummy aches really bad. My next Doctor’s visit is in a few days and I hope my baby is doing OK.

Yes yes, I remember one more gist, hmmm I have been dreaming about my ex o, I don’t know why but I am guessing it is because I am pregnant and they say you dream about all sorts during during pregnancy. And that reminds me of the dream I had when I was pregnant with the twins, I followed a sugar daddy and he turned out to be my Uncle, thank God hubby woke me up o lol. So I guess the dream is just one of those things.Anyone experienced this?

In all these, I still remember those missing girls.I pray that God delivers the girls to their homes before those evil people brainwash them.


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1 comment

Idayat May 13, 2014 - 11:22 am

Hehehe, iru smells a lot. No worries. I wish you a speedy recovery


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