Meet Meghan Markle’s Look Alike: Bride, 33, Bears an Extraordinary Resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex

Danielle has been stopped on the streets many times because of her striking resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Markle.

A Meghan Markle lookalike who recently married her own Prince Charming reckons her wedding gown was better than the Duchess of Sussex’s.

Danielle Harris, 33, bears such an extraordinary resemblance to the former Suits actress that she is mistaken for her at least four times a week.

Despite their uncanny likeness, Danielle’s big day couldn’t have been further away from Prince Harry and Meghan’s fairytale Windsor wedding earlier this month.

While Meghan donned a $500,000 Givenchy gown to walk down the aisle, nurse Danielle looked equally elegant in a high-necked lace dress that cost just $1,800.


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