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What Meghan Markle’s Go-to-Color Says About her Love Life

by WDN

Ever since Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry, her favorite outfit color is pink!

Karen Haller, an applied color psychology practitioner, said soft pink has a ‘calming’ effect on the wearer.

‘The number of high profile engagements Meghan has had since officially becoming a member of the royal family would no doubt be quite nerve-wracking,’ she said.

‘As the softer end of the pink spectrum is physically soothing, it’s the perfect antidote to calming those nerves and easing the pulse rate.’

Not only that, Karen said the Duchess – who wore pink to a Buckingham Palace garden party days after her wedding, to her first Trooping the Colour, and to attend the Queen’s Young Leader’s reception with husband Prince Harry – may well be communicating another message with the ‘romantic’ shade.

Soft pinks communicate the nurturing, compassionate, caring side of love,’ Karen said.

‘I’m not at all surprised she is feeling this way given the body language between her and Prince Harry – and she is reflecting this in picking the softer pinks.’

‘She’s sub-consciously communicating through color that she’s clearly in love,’ Karen said.

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