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Mini-Moon Getaway!

by Atai Akpan

You’ve both said your vows before God and loved ones. The wedding hustle and bustle has come to an end. It’s now time for a new phase with the love of your life.  But, no time to jet for your honeymoon just right away? Or perhaps a tight budget arises after the wedding expenses? So, why not take a mini-moon? Yes! I said a mini-moon! Take a few days off and get all swirled up, after all, it’s the beginning of a new life!

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when planning your mini-moon.


Choosing the right location is key. So, you’ve both been waiting for this time, so it has to be worth the wait. When trying to get the right getaway destination, it’s always good to go for a place that caters for beautiful romantic getaways and pays a great deal of attention to details such as flowers, champagnes and so many others. Opt for something new, even though we know most times it’s nice to revisit some places, but why don’t you start afresh?

Also, try as much as possible to pick a location that has a short travel time. You wouldn’t want to spend half of the time on the road.

The travel pack

Pack accordingly. Always have in mind that this is your special time with each other. In other words, no work materials or anything that will make you drift away from the holiday mood you should be in. Always have in mind that each second counts, so use it wisely.

Plan your activities

Yes! It is a getaway. So its best to plan the activities right on time. Book the trips. Find out if every activity you have in mind are available nearby. Call for quick answers to the questions you have.


Whatever the reason might be for your choice of a mini-moon rather than a honeymoon, always consider your budget. Yes, it is for a few days, but endeavor to make the necessary plans that will suit it.

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