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How Much More is Enough To Quit a Relationship

by WDN

Relationships originally are meant to be enjoyed not endured. The human mind is programmed to tolerate many things that life throws at us. Unfortunately, there ae some situations beyond our control and we just have to let go or find alternatives. Do you ever wonder why any people go through a lot of pain in their relationships and you don’t hear about it till they split? It is simply because these people have mastered the act of bottling in emotions.

So how much more is enough to quit a relationship? At what level do you call it quit? What are those signs or situations that makes you want to quit a relationship.

  1. When Cheating becomes frequent

It is one thing for a person to cheat, get caught and make restitution. It is also another thing to get in the habit of cheating frequently. Mostly, this happens when a person is out of love. When you constantly cheat on a person, you not only endanger their lives but yours too. A relationship where cheating has not been dealt with it, is very dangerous. When a person is not interested in how you feel but finds joy cheating, it shows the level of respect. Call it quit at this point.

  1. When your Life is at risk

Yeah, it’s normal for couples to fight, argue and disagree over some things. It is how you are able to settle issues that make it all worth it. Any relationship that threatens your inner peace is nothing to stay in. When your partner becomes abusive either physically or emotionally and threatening words are often used, you should consider calling it quit. When a person frequently turns you into a punching bag and make you feel hurt severally, then let go for a while till maybe they realize and change for real.

  1. Forced communication

Truth is, you can’t force a person to maintain a working conversation with you when communication is forced, the relationship becomes less interesting. Communication should never be one sided. When a person prefers talking or hanging around others than you, then check it. It is either there is something you or the person is not getting right. Once you miss it in communication and you discuss it always and there is no improvement, then there is really no point to push it harder. Communication helps to strengthen the bond and make the relationship last.

  1. Expecting Change

This happens when you or your partner keep expecting change. When you are holding on to a relationship because you expect change, it becomes frustrating. There is a big problem when all you do in a relationship is trying to make a person change to your expectations, rather than learn to accept the person. Remember the only person you can actually change is YOU. Truth is, even if the person changes because of you, you wouldn’t ever be satisfied a there would be other things you want them to still change, which is impossible.

  1. No feelings anymore

People change, time change and life itself changes. When the feeling is no longer there, then there is no point wasting time. If you no longer feel a thing for this person, it is just right to let them know, not telling them means hurting them and also doing yourself no good. Staying in a relationship where there is no form of connection is dangerous to you. Sometimes, letting go is just simplest form of justice. Feelings can’t be forced; it makes you feel in adequate when your partner doesn’t feel a thing for you anymore. No when to let go before your partner get frustrated and stabs you.

Hence, it is good to understand that it is never easy to let go off someone that once meant everything to you. But remember that, it is better to let go off a situation you can still handle before it turns to a big issue. Letting go is not the end of the world, even though it could hurt, it is usually for the best. Society could tell you to stay back, but wisdom should be applied.

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