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My Body Is Moving: The Giz Giz Factor

by Mo Aremu


Alright, I know my posts are often somehow & this one too is not an exception, lolll. First & foremost, it’s important that I lay emphasis on the fact that I am still born again & spirit filled, ok having established that, here goes :.

Ehen! To all SINGLE BABES, SINGLE MOTHERS & COSUITE MARRIED (married women whose husbands are away in far off lands), I have a question, does your bodies do Giz Giz, hope you know what I mean, do sexual urges come? I know people often say that it’s only men that have sexual urges but I know this is not true, a lady’s body also moves. There are times when a lady also feels horny too & feels like having sex, it is normal now abi, sebi it’s God who put it there, Ehen, good.

But for the married whose hubbies are around, no problem, constant servicing is available. But what about the singles & other categories I said up there, when such feelings come, how do you handle it, how do you cope without having to sin by sleeping around.
It’s important we talk on issues like this sometimes o because people are just silently passing through issues. So let’s share our experiences, how do you control sexual urges when it comes on strong & you can’t satisfy it, nights when your body aches for touches & caresses but it’s not permitted or allowed, what do you do? Someone out there may learn from your counsels.
So let’s have it Babes. How do we handle the Giz Giz factor.

Written by Adetutu Oshofowora

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Leo November 30, 2014 - 2:56 am

A hot bubble bath, hot chocolate and a hot water bottle. I personally divert the urges by listening to some preachings, by the time I’ve done all, I’m asleep and the next day is here.

k.d November 30, 2014 - 11:54 pm

Ironically, I am feeling the GIZGIZ right about now…but its not easy oh! Well, I try as much as possible to get my mind off it, by distracting myself with everything possible…masturbation is a no though…relax and take a shower.

ify December 1, 2014 - 5:00 am

You are very correct,my husband is not in Nigeria for close to 8 months now, the feelings comes once in a while.i try to keep myself so busy in day time ,when I come back in the evening I will be so so tired then I sleep off.during weekends that I don’t go to work I watch movies visit friends play with the kids I don’t just stay alone or idle.


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