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My love for you is forever: Shalewa and Wale’s Charming Engagement Session & Love Story

by Jay Hurt


Long before Shalewa and Wale met, destiny awaited them. They are perfect match for each other. The lovely couple shares a bond they call ‘unique love’. They feel so inseparable and just cannot wait to tie the knot and make it official and seal the bond.
When I first met him, he was everything I wanted to be, but overtime he showed me how I wanted to be myself and that was how I fell in love with him, says Shalewa.
We are happy to introduce the lovely couple to you as we share their love story and their pre-wedding photo-shoots captured by Euclase photography.


How they met ( By the Bride)

We met through a mutual friend. I just moved to Magodo Phase 2 in Lagos, January, 2013. On the 5th of April, My friend Uzor told me she was going to hook me up with one of her friends since I was just alone in the Estate with no friend. I told her I was not looking for a boyfriend because I just fell out of a relationship then and was trying to concentrate on my future and career. All that fell into hears because she still insisted she wants me to make friends. She introduced me to My Man-to-be and he added me up the next day on BBM and we got chatting. He chatted funny and sounded very funny when e talked on phone. We met physically on the 8th of April 2013 and we just connected like we had known each other all our lives.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, he told me he liked me and wanted to date me but I declined initially because I found it difficult to trust guys after my previous relationship, then he said ‘you have loved before, “you can love again… those are boys but I am a Man and I am different”. I did not bulge though and prayed to God that if this man is not for me that God should send him packing‼ but somehow he still stayed, he was not going anywhere.


On May 16,2013. It was official. On the 18th of April 2015, the same month we met, he proposed to me right in front of my family just the way we have always wanted it. He is smart and very intelligent. He does not only have his love to offer me but he has also helped me in my personal development in so many ways. He believes in me like no other and sees potentials in me that I myself do not see. I call him Mr problem solver because he always has solution to anything we put on the table.
Come November, 2015. We are getting married in the same place we first met and also on the same day my parents got married years ago.

















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