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My twin sister and I married twin brothers

by WDN


Yes, you’re not seeing double. The picture above shows twin sisters Teyolla and Keyolla and their grooms, twin brothers Shawn and Eric.

Teyolla and Keyolla Loux come from a family mixed of biological and adopted children. The twins were adopted by their foster parents, Derek and Reneé Loux, when they were missionaries in the Marshall Islands. They went through a lot while in the island that was why when the Louxs asked their birth mother if they could adopt the twins, she readily agreed.

The twin sisters met the Eric and Shawn while volunteering at their local church. The sisters developed an instant crush on the twin brothers – Teyolla on Shawn and Keyolla on Eric. They introduced themselves to the brothers but never thought they’d stood a chance as the boys were older than them.

After that first meeting, they lost contact of each other as Eric and Shawn for three years as the brothers were busy volunteering across the US. They met again during a special class for volunteers during the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Weeks later, the couples went on a double date. And one date led to another until Shawn proposed to Teyolla. Simultaneously, Eric was also proposing to Keyolla!

Since they had started dating together, and the boys has proposed on the same night but on different locations, they had also decided to get married together. They even had their real mother fly in to the country for their special day!

Their guests always mix the couples up, but close friends and relatives knew them well enough to tell the difference. Teyolla and Keyolla wore similar identical strapless dresses while Eric and Shawn wore the same dark suit but with different ties and waistcoats.











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