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How to Nail Wedding Photography

by WDN

A lot of people think that photographing a wedding is a piece of cake as all a photographer needs to do is stay behind the lens and keep clicking on the capture button, and the job is done. But this is far from the truth.


Wedding photography requires capturing fine details. It is all about telling a story with the help of a picture, and it is easier said than done.


The photographer needs to be sharp and present-minded so that he or she does not miss the special moments happening around. Syncing with the surrounding is an art which only experts are able to pull off.



Wedding venues are decorated with extreme care and passion and a good photographer is one who captures not just the bride, groom and people but also the venue in a unique manner.


Here’s how to photograph a wedding in the right manner:


Don’t Miss Out The Details On The Bride

This is the bride’s and she is definitely going to be the star of the night. As a photographer, you have to pay special attention to her and photograph her properly.


Many photographers fail to work with the bride and can’t make the photographs look lively.


A skilled photographer understands the bride by socializing with her and determining how she desires to be photographed. There may be some angles and shots that may make her uncomfortable so make sure you talk to her before the event. Ideally, sit down the her and talk to her about her favorite positions etc.


A bride speaks of flamboyance from top to bottom. From the hairstyle to the dress, from the makeup to the jewelry, everything on the bride looks stupendous, and it is the photographer’s duty to present it as such.


It depends upon the skills of the photographer to capture these fine details in a creative manner. Most importantly, don’t forget to ask the bride to smile when you click here.


To take the experience up a notch, introduce props and stuff that expresses emotions and deep love.


Help Out The Groom

If you think that a bride is the only person who is extremely nervous on her special day then think again. The groom too can be dealing with a lot of nervousness, especially when someone’s clicking his pictures.


Grooms can get uneasy easily when someone’s photographing them. Here’s where the photographer needs to have a talk with them and make them comfortable.


You should sit down with the couple and discuss your way of working with them and make sure all are on the same page so that there is no confusion on the day

of the wedding. Expectations should be clear so that you can deliver the couple exactly what they expect out of you.


Capture Everything

A wedding isn’t about just two people tying the knot but about their families and guests as well. Socialize with them and ask politely to pose for you or smile as you click a photo.


It’s important for a photographer to behave nicely and not interrupt people. Wait for the right moment and ask nicely.


Other than people, you must photograph the venue and other items as well. Pay special attention to the outfits and jewelry, such as the wedding ring. If the couple ever needs to find the best jewelry buyer, they can use these photos to strike a good deal. It is all about knowing where to sell engagement rings after divorce.


Reach The Venue Before Time

Make sure to be responsible and reach the venue before time so that you can inspect everything from lighting to other factors that can influence results. Everything should be ready when the couple strikes a pose so be proactive and look into details carefully.


The Verdict

Following these tips will definitely help you click the right photos.

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