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Is it Necessary to Wear a Second Dress a.k.a Reception Dress, or Is It a Waste of Money?

by Beatrice Inim

Second dresses are becoming the order of the day, at weddings, in recent years. This is a huge shift from the regular use of the actual wedding gown at the church joining, and wearing the same dress at the reception.

These days Brides want to rock a separate  dress for their reception look, which is most likely a silver or gold mermaid dress. This mermaid dress is most often a shimmery type with lots of sequence and bling.

While this is fast becoming the trend, some Brides still go conventional and stick to their wedding dresses for their reception as well. Rocking a reception dress may come with various intricacies. First, it  is usually fabulous, especially if the wedding dress was too bulky, or tight, or all-round not too comfy. Such a bride would definitely want to change into a more comfortable dress that would enable her dance her heart out.

Another thing is there may not be enough time to do the outfit change, especially if she decides to change after coming into the reception venue with the wedding dress. I once went for a wedding, where the bride made her entrance in her ball gown wedding dress, and was supposed to change into her reception outfit, but got engrossed in the programme of the reception activities, that she lost track of time, and eventually had to change when guests were starting to leave. Only a few people saw her in that dress.

Most wedding dress makers may suggest the second dress for one of two reasons; because they want to make extra cash from a second dress, or they genuinely feel a second dress would look good on you for your big day. Interestingly, it may be for both reasons.

I attended a Bridal Masterclass a few months ago, and a renowned Bridal Designer said he thought it was absolutely unnecessary to have a second dress, and even if that was the Bride’s ultimate choice, she could easily go for a mermaid  wedding dress with a strap on ball gown and just take off the puffy strap, at the reception, revealing the , mermaid dress.

Nonetheless, it is whatever rocks the Bride’s boat she can go for! Just look fabulous.. After all, it is  your Day.

Photograph/ Dress Designer @Valdrinsahitiofficial

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