What You Need to Know About this Popular Phrase ‘ Will You be My Bridesmaid’?

Yes, you are getting married and you need your girls!

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, you need to know that you have to extremely take care of them and make them feel comfortable on your big day. Yeah, it is your day but you need some of your best girls to make you feel like the queen you are. You need to know that you can’t hold your bridal train yourself or hold your bouquet throughout your wedding ceremony. What if you need to wipe your beautiful tears when your prince says his vows, this is your best girl’s responsibility.

So, how do you make your girls feel special on your big day?

  1. Ensure have their breakfast in the morning before they start preparing for their wedding duties
  2. Ensure you don’t over-stress before your big day – they too need some ‘me moment’
  3. Ensure you make them happy and answer all their questions regarding their roles and duties
  4. Let them have fun too – everyone wants to have a taste of a beautiful wedding and obviously, the bridesmaids want to show some of their dance moves as well. Hook them up with the groomsmen for bridal party time and you will never regret your action when you look at your wedding video.


‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ comes with so many responsibilities from the bride – Are you ready to invite your best girls to your bridal party?

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