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Nigerian Couples Raising The Bar With Their Pre-wedding Shoot.

by Atai Akpan

Pre-wedding shoots are definitely one heck of a wedding photography trend that is definitely here to stay and our couples of today didn’t come to play!

Back in 2014, the trend wasn’t all thriving, it was still sort of ‘new’ to a few people and based on that, the creativity strokes weren’t really prominent. It was more of a traditional or casual theme. Everyone played it safe. Simply dress up casually or formally, and smile for the camera (Dusted and finished)
But of recent times, the pre-wedding shots are pretty much different as the themes are literally on ‘fire ‘  (as-in too lit!!)

I have seen a whole lot of shoots. (I mean -a whole lot) and in each of them, I definitely have to give a thumbs up for the creativity. Every couple wants to be different in their own way.

We’ve got couples who introduce their culture and indigenous way of life into the picture. ( Never knew culture could look so sexy in pictures) We’ve got the romantic ones who scribble down words and show us in the picture, ( that always makes cry), the ones who tell their story of how they met. (love found them!!!)  We’ve even got those who go as far as being adventurous and daring in their shots and hello! Can we just give a huge thumbs up to our photographers of today? (come on!) The picture quality I have seen has been ‘amazeballs ‘ Its shown nothing but growth.

I know technology plays a role or two, but the creativity from the photographer is also key. Talk about angles, talk about developing a concept. They’ve definitely brought their a-game to the table.

Presently, I believe that every minute that passes by, a couple is creating their picture perfect moments with their pre-wedding shots and I know that every day, the bar goes higher, because we definitely have just begun. Truth be told, that is growth! What say you?

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George April 9, 2018 - 9:37 am

Beautiful captures !!
I am GeorgeOkoro, i specializes in wedding & pre wedding photography in Nigeria. Also check one of my portfolio:


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