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Nigerian Wedding Shenanigans! Can a Wedding Reception Truly be Void of Uninvited Guests?

by Beatrice Inim

We’ve at some point in our experiences at, and with weddings, heard of the term ‘Mogbomoya”

In most recent years, wedding invites have evolved from just invitation cards, to Access cards.
In some cases, guests have to RSVP before they can be allowed into the wedding, or reception venue,
even though they received an access, or invitation card.
But hey! This is Lagos..This is Nigeria, and people do not exactly need invites, access cards, or to have RSVPd,
before they can come ‘Gbo’ and ‘Ya’ at any wedding of their choice.
Now, while that is a possibility, at some weddings, security is actually extremely tight, and no one gets access,
unless with those items required to allow entry.

With this in check, weddings will actually go without hiccups at the reception entrance,
and the couple can have rest of mind that everything is being taken care of,
especially if it is an intimate wedding that requires the attendance of close family, friends, and associates.

However, let’s not forget that again, this is Nigeria, and security personnel at weddings could be way
in over their heads, and solely decide that it might as well be their own wedding,
so they take matters into their own hands, and slightly, sometimes, overly, deviate from
working according to the ethics laid out to them by their superiors, or the security company as a whole.
In such instances, we see security Guards shoving, Insulting, screaming, and bickering at Guests,
in moments where there is a slight misunderstanding, or mix up, as to when a Guest was mistaken
to not have been on the list, but in fact, they were supposed to be at the wedding.

When this happens, a few seconds to take some steps back, and calmly alleviate the situation would
be the preferred and most suitable methodology.
Even if it is found eventually, that the Guest was completely wrong, at least, the reputation of the Guards,
and the company which they work for, will still be intact.

Ultimately, a thorough assessment, and reassessment of the criteria, as well as backdoor chances for letting Guests into
a wedding venue, as laid out by the Couple, and wedding planners, should be done; this way, all Ts are crossed, and all Is dotted.
But as for the mogbomoyas…oh well…That just might be something that has been tightly woven into the fabric of parties in Nigeria. They are always there..let’s just leave

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